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Conservatives think the GOP should offer an Obamacare alternative, too

07/26/2013 1:41 PM

07/26/2013 1:42 PM

Ramesh Ponnuru began his writing career in Kansas City, as a columnist for the late Rich Nadler’s magazine K.C. Jones


Today he writes for several publications, including the

National Review and Bloomberg.

He, like Rich, is a true conservative.

In a column Friday Ponnuru echoes what several other writers — Barb Shelly here

, for example — have said for several days: the GOP should propose a concrete alternative to Obamacare, or live with it.

“Republicans are right that Obamacare is a very bad law,” he writes. “They urgently need a strategy for scrapping it — and any workable strategy has to include a conservative alternative, something few Republicans have shown much interest in proposing.”


what I wrote Tuesday.


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