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Must read: State failures haunt Democrats

07/26/2013 9:04 AM

07/26/2013 9:04 AM

Here’s today’s Politico must read

: “The GOP’s wildly successful, low-key and stunningly cheap campaign to seize state capitals in 2010 has come back to haunt Obama and his fellow Democrats.”

To this, we can add: Democrats in Kansas, and to some degree in Missouri, remain quite bitter about the lack of help from the upper echelons of their party.

Obama’s campaign had a “secret sauce” in technology, outreach, polling, and advertising in 2012 — none of which it decided to share with party members in states like Kansas and Missouri.

The result? Deeply conservative legislatures. In Kansas, GOP hegemony is nearly total.

Not only has that made lawmaking more difficult, it has deprived the party of potential candidates to challenge Republicans at the district or state level.

Missouri, which has a stronger Democratic tradition (and strongly Democratic urban areas) has been able to weather the storm with popular incumbents and the mistakes of GOP candidates like

Todd Akin


In Kansas, Democrats are a third party, behind Republicans and conservative Republicans.

And some Kansas Democrats blame the Obama campaign, at least in part, for that problem.

Which makes the Politico story a must-read.


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