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July 25, 2013

Kansas anti-abortion group steps away from Roberts criticism

The Kansas Republicans wants to tighten oversight of compounded drugs. That worries some anti-abortion groups, but not Kansans for Life

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The largest anti-abortion organization in Kansas distanced itself Thursday from similar groups fighting a drug regulation bill supported by Sen. Pat Roberts.

Roberts has a perfect anti-abortion voting record as scored by the

National Right to Life Committee

. But he came under fire earlier this month from a coalition of conservative and anti-abortion groups, which oppose his bill aimed at strengthening federal oversight of large compounding pharmacies.

The coalition, organized by the

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

, said the bill could increase costs for a drug used to treat women prone to premature birth.

The coalition also said the bill could restrict therapies that could arise from adult stem cell research.

But not everyone shares those concerns, even among anti-abortion groups. A researcher from the conservative

Family Research Council

told The Kansas City Star in an article earlier this week that the coalition’s concerns were “misplaced.”

And on Thursday,

Mary Kay Culp

, executive director for Kansans for Life, weighed in with a prepared statement. Culp’s group never was part of the coalition.

“Kansans for Life agrees with the careful analysis of the bill by a national expert at the Family Research Council, which disagreed with the coalition’s stated concerns, and thus believes there is no reason for our organization to support or oppose the bill as currently written,” Culp wrote.

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