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July 18, 2013

When Harry kissed Claire (figuratively speaking)

Senate majority leader to-be stood up, walked over to the TV set and planted one right on the.....screen

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The kiss happened on election night 2008, according to an anecdote in Mark Leibovich’s new book This Town,

which eviscerates the culture of our nation’s capital city,

When CNN declared that Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill had won her Senate race, Harry Reid, who was hoping to win enough seats to become majority leader, got up from his seat, walked over to the TV set and firmly, “tenderly” kissed the screen.

Not clear from the story is whether the senator-to-be’s image was still flickering on the tube or not.

And then, the story goes, Reid “sat back down to receive from [New York Sen. Chuck] Schumer something between a pat on the head and a noogie.”


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