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July 8, 2013

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Recent sale of WDAF, other stations reflects enormous revenue from political commericals in even years. But do the ads work? The evidence is mixed.

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Do TV commercials help political campaigns?



, and you might answer yes. It certainly seems like campaigns continue to view the 30-second spot as the cornerstone of a race, and raise money accordingly.

And spend it.

(But see


from MinnPost.)

(But read

this, from David Carr

in the NYT: “Local news is still a powerful driver of profits, especially in battleground states during election years, but not if costs have been cut to the point where an anchor is sitting in a studio reading the newspaper over commodity video.”)

Political ads used to be the centerpiece of budgets for Missouri television stations. The collapse of the state as a presidential battleground, coupled with less-than-competitive statewide races in recent years, has cost Missouri stations millions in political ad revenue.

But there are also signs the 30-second ad on over-the-air TV

may be dropping in effectiveness anyway


Ask Karl Rove.

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