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June 18, 2013

Video and the political stars

St. Louis Beacon reporter discusses pros, cons of video and politics

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The facts, faces and hum of local politics with Steve Kraske and Dave Helling

Jason Rosenbaum

has posted an interesting video about video.

(You can watch it below.)

Rosenbaum has spent five years producing videos with various Missouri pols making statements, arguments, holding press conferences, giving interviews, you name it.

About three minutes in, he says video has become an important part of the states political reporting infrastructure.

As a TV guy now in print for eight (gasp!) years, I may have a bit of a unique perspective on the issue.

Theres no question video adds to the quality of political journalism. And, in any case, its here to stay.

What we havent figured out is a way to make routine Internet video compelling enough to draw a big audience.

Cute cats, bloopers, undercover video all draw huge audiences, even though theyre often underproduced and amateurish.

Viewers are okay with that. In fact, they may prefer that quality of video to more TV news-like efforts.

For political reporters, though, reducing the quality of videos to make them more appealing holds a particular danger. The chance of posting a misleading or unfair video is high.

At the same time and we all know this posting unedited raw video can be extraordinarily boring.

Internet video is a work in progress.

Heres an example of a video I shot and edited on Amtrak. It was part of a print story.

It did not get a huge amount of viewer traffic.

Heres Jasons video:

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