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Koster pledges $400K to elect more Democrats in Missouri Legislature

06/10/2013 10:00 AM

06/10/2013 10:13 AM

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster stole the show at the Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner by pledging $400,000 over four years to elect more party members to the General Assembly.

“In November 2012, our party lost five state House races by less than 500 votes and nine House races by less than a thousand votes,”

Koster said, according to the St. Louis Beacon.

“As all of us know, these handful of races represent the difference between a Legislature that is veto-proof and one that is not.”

Koster said winning more Statehouse races is the difference between “a party that has a voice in state policy and one that does not.”

He pledged $400,000 over four years to accomplish the task.

Of course, Koster has some skin in this game. He’s planning on running for governor in 2016, and his prospects for a successful tenure depend, in part, on getting more Democrats casting votes in the House and Senate.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill also vowed to elect more Democrats.

No word on a new party chairman. The buzz heading into the dinner was that some key Democrats, including McCaskill, were attempting to woo Roy Temple, a former chief of staff to Gov. Mel Carnahan, to succeed outgoing chair Mike Sanders, the Jackson County executive.

Winning legislative races, he said, is the difference between "a party that has a voice in state policy and one that does not."

"And someday, if we cannot turn this trend, then someday races like these will be the difference between a Missouri that maintains quality schools and one that does not," Koster said. "A Missouri that provides women with reproductive rights and one does that not. The difference between a Missouri that shoulders the strength to resist right to work and one that does not."


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