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House passes Homeland Security spending bill, turns back attempt to cut funding for Manhattan, Kan. biolab

06/06/2013 12:50 PM

06/06/2013 12:50 PM

The House this morning passed a $45 billion Homeland Security spending bill —after rejecting an attempt to strip $404 million earmarked for the controversial National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility planned for Manhattan, Kan.

The $404 million in the bill for NBAF is less than the $714 million the White House has requested, but it appears to be enough to guarantee the $200 million or so expected from Kansas.

Eighty House members voted to strip the NBAF funding, while 345 voted no.

The vote on the overall bill

was 245 yes, 182 no.

All local members of Congress voted to spend the NBAF money, even Rep.

Tim Huelskamp

of Kansas.

New York Rep.

Tim Bishop

tried to take it out.

“This NBAF project is a boondoggle. We don’t even have a shovel in the ground yet and already the cost has gone up by 250 percent,” he said. “It is not needed.”

But Huelskamp had found federal spending he supports.

“As a Kansas farmer and rancher, I recognize the critical damage that would be done to our livestock industries if we do not proceed forth with construction of NBAF,” he said during debate.

The Senate has yet to take up the spending bill.


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