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June 3, 2013

What we’re watching

Farmers, lawmakers, the taxman — and tornado chasers

The Buzz

The facts, faces and hum of local politics with Steve Kraske and Dave Helling

What we’re watching this week:


Farm bill

. The Senate takes up the thorny issue of how to subsidize America’s farmers — and provide food stamps for millions of citizens. Normally, the farm bill is a difficult but passable piece of legislation because it has something for city slickers and country folk.

But it got hung up last year and there’s no indication the fundamental disagreements have been settled. Watch for the name of

Rep. Stephen Fincher, who’s pushed to cut food stamps but took tens of thousands of dollars in farm aid

over the years.


Tax legislation. Now that the Kansas legislature has finished its work, the real spin begins. Here’s Brad Cooper’s nice round-up

of the finger-pointing.


IRS scandals

. We’ll hear more about the Internal Revenue Service’ spending habits, decision-making, and the potential involvement of higher-ups.


Holder tops. AG Eric Holder remains in the eye of a political tornado, much as Alberto Gonzales was during George W. Bush’s

second term. He may eventually suffer a similar fate.


Tornado chasing. Is any story worth dying for?

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