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What’s in a name?

05/30/2013 7:00 AM

05/29/2013 4:53 PM

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s decision to forgo another term leaves the door open for Democrat Jim Graves in the district, although some Republicans think the party’s chances have been enhanced by the Bachmann drop-out.

Wait: The House already has two Graves — we know Sam, from MO 6, and

Tom, from GA 14.

Would a third Graves make that surname the most common in the House?


The House currently has four

Johnsons, four Millers, and four Smiths


But three Graves would put the name in pretty rare territory. The House has three

Bishops, three Davises, three Rogers, three Scotts, and three Thompsons


There are lots of pairs in the House, including two

Peters, two Kings, and several Irish pairs: Maloney, McCarthy, Murphy, and Brady.


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