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May 13, 2013

IRS scandal moves front and center

Republicans and some Democrats suggest IRS disaster will last for months

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The IRS decision to target conservative non-profits for special scrutiny is the perfect scandal for the GOP — easily understood, impossible to defend, and capable of being stretched out for months.

Here are some local reactions:

“This misconduct was most certainly agenda driven politics and bias gone unchecked, despite the IRS’s best attempts to claim otherwise.” —

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Ks


“Those that conducted this shameful abuse of power together with anyone that knew about it must be held accountable.” —

Rep. Lynn Jenkins

, R-Ks.

“People should be fired for this serious breach of public trust. We don't do this in America.” —

Sen. Claire McCaskill

, D-Mo.

“I am outraged that the IRS played politics and wrongfully targeted conservative organizations during the election cycle. I join my colleagues in calling on the Obama Administration to conduct a transparent review and ensure this type of behavior is not tolerated moving forward.” —

Sen. Roy Blunt

, R-Mo.

“Given that IRS documents recently revealed that the agency has a policy of engaging in warrantless email surveillance, I am outraged the agency has now admitted to singling out certain political groups and donors for heightened surveillance.” —

Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Ks


More as we get it.

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