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May 7, 2013

McCaskill becomes a lead voice on sex assault problem in the military

Missouri Democrat becoming lead voice in sexual assault problem in military

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U.S. senators spend some time each day looking for issues to pursue — gun control, maybe, or farm subsidies.

It looks like Sen.

Claire McCaskill

of Missouri has found one that will stick.

The Democrat is apparently becoming the lead voice in the Senate on the problem of sexual assault in the military.

She’s pushed the issue for several months. But the arrest of an Air Force sexual assault counselor for alleged sexual assault may move the issue onto the front pages and toward the top on websites.

Here’s a Huffington Post story

on McCaskill’s role in holding up the nomination of a female officer because of concerns related to a sexual assault case.


Roy Blunt has been involved in several issues as well — contraceptive coverage, for example, and sequester-related spending decisions.

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