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April 30, 2013

Obama campaign reform push fizzles

Even push to overturn controversial Supreme Court ruling appears dead

The Buzz

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President Barack Obama’s long-promised push to reform the nation’s campaign finance system is stalled.

For campaign reform advocates, the administration’s second term actions -- or inactions -- have been nothing more than a string of disappointments.

He’s transformed his campaign commmittee into an advocacy group that can accept unlimited donations. And his promise to push for a constitutional amendment to overturn the

Citizens United

court ruling also gone nowhere.

“It’s disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful,” said Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican, who ran against Obama in 2008 and has spent years trying to limit the amount of money that pours into federal political campaigns.

The non-action trend extends to the statehouses. Nothing is expected to pass in either Jefferson City or Topeka this year.

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