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Capt. Johnson talks of shedding tears when he’s alone

08/24/2014 9:00 PM

08/25/2014 9:41 AM

Have a good week.

“I like to cry alone, wipe my tears and come back out and be the best leader I can be.” — Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol on where he goes to let it all out after another tough day in Ferguson.

That place is a restroom in a vacant storefront at the police command center at Buzz Westfall Plaza. That’s about a mile south of the nightly protests. Johnson, 51, deserves more than a slap on the back when this crisis is over. (link via

“Obviously all of us are concerned not just about that this process be fair, but what does this next six months look like?” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill expressing fears about the next chapters in Ferguson.

Among those chapters: Michael Brown’s funeral on Monday and decisions about whether the police officer who shot Brown, Darren Wilson, will be charged with a crime or not. Obviously a decision not to prosecute could send demonstrators back to the streets.

“No more years, no more years.” — the crowd chanting at Demofest in Wichita this weekend, referring to GOP Gov. Sam Brownback.

According to Hawver’s Capitol Report, the crowd’s reaction came in response to Democratic nominee Paul Davis’ exhortation that “We have had 3½ years of failure” under the Brownback administration. Davis leads in early polling.

“It pokes fun at the sense of entitlement.” — artist John Sebelius, son of the former Kansas governor and HHS secretary, on his art installation in Lawrence that gathered images from public Facebook profiles — mainly of University of Kansas students involved in fraternities and sororities — and used them as inspiration for his “Do You Know Who My Father Is?!” exhibition.

Sebelius, whose work has appeared in Harper’s, DETAILS and The Washington Post, said his work is not related to his personal life as the son of a famous politician.


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