Lenexa council allows open carry of firearms

06/20/2013 5:29 PM

06/20/2013 10:34 PM

The Lenexa City Council this week voted to allow the open carry of firearms on public property with some exceptions.

Loaded firearms can now be carried on public properties within Lenexa city limits if the weapon is holstered, the safety is engaged and the weapon is in the “immediate control of the individual at all times.”

The new ordinance approved Tuesday night does not allow guns to be carried at City Hall or other city-owned offices, and it prohibits the carrying of guns at city-sponsored events where alcohol is being served or consumed. It also makes it a crime to carry a gun while committing certain misdemeanor offenses.

The law gives private businesses and property owners the right to decide whether to allow firearms on their premises.

City officials said they took the action to conform with changes in Kansas law and because of a legal opinion by the Kansas attorney general that said cities could regulate the manner of how weapons are carried but could not prohibit open carry.

The change in the open carry ordinance does not affect the law regarding those licensed to carry concealed weapons. They must still abide by state concealed carry law.

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