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April 8, 2014

Car burglaries rise in Leawood

‘Crimes of opportunity’ have been increasing since Feb. 1.

Leawood police continue to investigate a string of burglaries that appeared to have increased over the past week.

Burglars targeted more than a dozen unlocked cars and broke into two others. Once inside the vehicles, they rifled through gloveboxes and stole valuables left inside. All of the incidents took place in north Leawood in an area along 85th Street between Mission Road and Lee Boulevard.

In one theft, burglars stole a vehicle where a spare key was left inside. The vehicle later was recovered in Kansas City, according to police.

Since Feb. 1, police have noticed an increasing number of vehicle burglaries and other “crimes of opportunity.”

Authorities advise residents to make sure their vehicles are locked and their valuables removed. They also suggest that as the weather becomes warmer, homeowners should close their overhead garage doors each night.

One victim, Martha Conradt,

said it’s important that residents take precautions to ensure their neighborhood does not become easy targets for thieves. Conradt said she noticed early Friday that burglars stole several items from her vehicle. Burglars threw out items from the glovebox.

Condradt thought her car was locked, but no windows were broken.

“It made me concerned,” she said. “I knew I wasn’t in any immediate danger, but thieves had been inside my car.”

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