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February 4, 2014

Snowstorm forces Olathe council to vote by phone

Council members needed to vote on temporary note bonds scheduled to be issued in connection with the city’s planned hotel-conference center. They did so unanimously in a 5 p.m. conference call.

Tuesday’s snow put Olathe officials in a bind.

A scheduled City Council meeting was canceled because of the weather, but a vote was still needed on temporary note bonds scheduled to be issued in connection with Olathe’s planned hotel-conference center.

So in a 5 p.m. conference call, the council voted 7-0 to approve the bond sale held Tuesday and lock in the interest rate that will be paid on the bonds, said Olathe spokesman Tim Danneberg.

“We feel we got a very favorable rate,” said Danneberg.

If the council had not formally approved the sale within a certain time period, the city would have had to go through the bidding process again.

Although the mayor and one council member attended the meeting in person, other council members who voted by phone will sign affidavits testifying that it was indeed them on the other end of the phone line, Danneberg said.

“We were very conservative in how we did this,” he added.

In the interest of transparency, the conference call was webcast, and the audio was played in the council chambers if any member of the public wanted to attend and listen in person. No one did, Danneberg said.

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