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December 3, 2013

Prairie Village votes to limit guns

City must implement safety plan for municpal buildings.

Prairie Village has adopted a resolution that will allow the city to continue to prohibit firearms in public buildings.

The city council voted unanimously Monday night in favor of a resolution that allows the city to prohibit guns in city buildings as long as the city implements a safety plan. Previous state legislation barred cities from banning conceal-and-carry of firearms in municipal buildings, but an amendment passed by the state House of Representatives in the last legislative session allows cities to prohibit guns on city property if they provide safety plans for those buildings.

City Administrator Quinn Bennion said under the law cities have until 2018 to either completely allow conceal and carry in their buildings, or have fully implemented security procedures at city buildings. Theses procedures would include metal detectors, increased staff and limited building entrances. The city will begin setting aside money for these modifications in 2016 budget, Bennion said.

The Leawood City Council on Monday also unanimously approved a ban on concealed-carry in city-owned buildings.

Locations that fall under the Prairie Village resolution include the City Hall, police department, community center, aquatic center and the public works facility. Bennion said details about what those safety plans include cannot be released to the public.

In October Grant Nelson, a Prairie Village man who is the Libertarian candidate for lieutenant governor, filed a lawsuit against the city for an unrelated ordinance that prohibits open-carry in public places. The Prairie Village ordinance only applies to public property such as parks, streets, sidewalks and city buildings. It does not prohibit the open carry of firearms on private property or in private businesses that allow open carry. It also does not apply to those who are legally licensed to carry concealed weapons.

Courts threw out a similar case against Prairie Village, Leawood and the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., in April that the Libertarian party filed last December.

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