All-Sunflower and EKL softball teams

06/12/2014 5:46 PM

06/12/2014 5:46 PM


Player of the year: Reagan Hathaway, Olathe Northwest, junior

Coach of the year: Mike Allen, Olathe South

Newcomer of the year: Sophie Taylor, Lawrence, sophomore


Infield: Emily Byers, Lawrence Free State, sophomore; Morgan Byrn, Lawrence, junior; Elizabeth Leonard, Olathe East, senior; Mikayla Warren, Olathe Northwest, senior; Kelsey Wright, Olathe Northwest, senior

Outfield: Emily Bermel, Lawrence Free State, junior; McKenna Davis, Olathe East, senior; Kenzie Garvin, Lawrence, junior; Erin McGinley, SM East, senior

Catcher: Reagan Hathaway, Olathe Northwest, junior; Maddie McCracken, Olathe North, junior

Pitcher: Allison Stewart, Olathe East, senior; Lexie Storrer, Olathe South, sophomore; Rowan Turner, SM East, senior

Designated player: Sammi Bates, Olathe South, sophomore

Utility: Hayley McGhee, Olathe East, freshman; Jolona Shield, Lawrence, junior


Infield: Maddie Abbs, Olathe North, senior; Kristen Gile, Lawrence, senior; Kristina Jaderborg, SM Northwest, junior; Sophie Taylor, Lawrence, sophomore; Abby Weber, Olathe South, sophomore

Outfield: Maddie Boland, Olathe Northwest, sophomore; Halle England, Olathe Northwest, freshman; Kennedy Poro, Olathe East, junior; Remington Samuels, Lawrence Free State, senior

Catcher: Kala Holder, Olathe South, sophomore; Christina Mountain, SM South, junior

Pitcher: Natalie Hamm, Olathe Northwest, freshman; Mackenzie Saulnier, Olathe Northwest, junior; Megan Sumonja, Lawrence, junior

Designated player: Delaney Brewer, SM Northwest, sophomore

Utility: Bailey Boxberger, Olathe South, sophomore; Abby King, Shawnee Mission South, senior


Shelby Harvey, SM East; Savannah Bellem, SM East; Cortney Humphreys, SM North; Chloe Green, SM North; Maggie Reid, SM South; Sidney Holler, SM South; Lindsey Marcus, SM Northwest; Taylor Roberts, SM Northwest; Ashley Mercer, SM West; Dela Boyd, SM West; Whitney Rothwell, Lawrence Free State; Kylie Cobb, Lawrence Free State; Andrea Mills, Lawrence; Marly Carmona, Lawrence; Sayde Woten, Olathe East; Kaylee Byers, Olathe East; Courtney Nemechek, Olathe North; Kayla Peak, Olathe North; Mady Young, Olathe Northwest; Kaity Kukowski, Olathe Northwest; Alana Renshaw, Olathe South; Tristyn Delgado, Olathe South; Layne Broeker, Leavenworth; Anastasia Lucas, Leavenworth



Pitcher: Brooklin Hinz, St. Thomas Aquinas, senior; Perri Downey, Blue Valley West, junior

Catcher: Cassidy Greer, Gardner Edgerton, freshman

Infield: Kiana Baderdeen, Gardner Edgerton, junior; Casey Campbell, St. Thomas Aquinas, junior; Allie Macfarlane, Blue Valley North, senior; Blair Tommelein, Blue Valley Southwest, senior

Outfield: Katherine Lane, St. Thomas Aquinas, freshman; Mikala Galvin, Gardner Edgerton, freshman; Shayna Byers, Blue Valley Southwest, sophomore

Utility player: Molly Zych, St. Thomas Aquinas, senior

Designated player: Alex Larson, Blue Valley West, sophomore


Pitcher: Chloe Rogers, Blue Valley, senior; McKenzie Weber, Blue Valley Southwest, freshman

Catcher: Tess Gray, Blue Valley Southwest, sophomore

Infield: Rachel Chalupa, Blue Valley Northwest, junior: Meg Garton, Blue Valley, senior; Megan Hansel, Blue Valley West, junior; Maddie Lowry, Blue Valley Southwest, sophomore

Outfield: Harjit Dosanjh, Blue Valley Northwest, junior; Zoe Krump, Blue Valley, senior; Riley Swickard, Blue Valley Southwest, sophomore

Utility player: Allie Strong, Bishop Miege, sophomore

Designated player: Carly Shniderson, Blue Valley Northwest, junior


Myndie McCombs, Blue Valley West; Kelly Nicholson, Blue Valley; Kaitlyn Pearson, Bishop Miege; Kalleigh Petersen, Blue Valley Northwest; Shelbey Thomas, Blue Valley Southwest; Haley McGuire, Gardner Edgerton; Taryn Thomas, Blue Valley Northwest; Jenny Foster, Blue Valley North; Paige Wallace, St. Thomas Aquinas; Katelin Schumacher, Blue Valley North; Rachel Kauss, Blue Valley West; Margaret Banks, Blue Valley North; Haley McGuire, Gardner Edgerton; Jayme Fletcher, Blue Valley North; Amanda Johansen, Blue Valley North; McKenzie Harrish, Blue Valley North; Ady Hughes, Blue Valley West; Megan Holzmeister, St. Thomas Aquinas; Kaitlyn Styve, Blue Valley Northwest

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