EKL, Sunflower all-conference boys soccer teams announced

12/13/2013 4:15 PM

12/13/2013 5:38 PM

All-Eastern Kansas League

Offensive player of year:

Ben McDonald, Blue Valley

Co-midfielders of year:

Nick Hagenkord, St. Thomas Aquinas and Derek Bullis, Blue Valley West

Defensive player of year:

Brandon Ramirez, Bishop Miege

Goalie of year:

Sam Glass, Blue Valley Northwest

Coach of year:

Rick Pribyl, Blue Valley Northwest

Assistant coach of year:

Ron Brown, St. Thomas Aquinas

Manager of year:

Connor Vinnage, Blue Valley Northwest



Yaniv Gershom, BVN, junior; Blake Goodate, BVW, junior; Trevor Kearns, BVNW, junior


Ian Arch, BVNW, senior; Matthew Brown, STA, senior; Derek Bullis, BVW, senior; Luke Fischer, GE, senior; Nick Hagenkord, STA, senior; Alexander Hintz, BVSW, senior; Ben McDonald, BV, senior; Andrew Rohleder, BVN, senior; Sam Roussopoulos, BV, senior; Sam Taylor, BVNW, senior; Taylor Wiebke, BVNW, senior


Matthew Holland, STA, junior; Jackson Macoubrie, BV, senior; Ryan Orscheln, BVW, junior; Brandon Ramirez, Miege, junior; Tyler Seaman, BVN, junior; Colton Southwell, BVNW, senior


Sam Glass, BVNW, junior



Jake DeJulio, BVNW, junior; Tim Mitchell, GE, senior; Nate Mohler, Miege, senior; Kevin McKinney, BVSW, senior (mid./def)


Max Baum, BVSW, senior; John Carpenter, BV, junior; Jacob Flores, BVSW, senior; Brian Furdek, BVW, senior; Lucas Franco, Miege, senior; Zach Johnson, BVN, senior; Joe Lesko, BV, junior; Nico Marquez, Miege, senior; Jake McIntire, GE, senior; Matt McLeod, Blue Valley North, senior; Ben Moss, STA, senior; Tyler Schwerdtfer, BVNW, senior; Cooper Scott, BVW, senior; Dakota Steuber, GE, junior; Michael Valentine, BVN, junior; Michael Velasco, Aquinas, junior

All-Sunflower League

MVP Offense:

Ryan Dickerson, Olathe East

MVP Defense:

Patrick Rydberg, Olathe East

Coach of year:

Terry Hair, Olathe East



Cody Burns, OS, senior; Ryan Dickerson, OE, senior; Noah Eidemiller, SME, senior; Calvin Freeman, SMS, senior; Collin Jones, SMNW, senior


Andres Cooper, OE, senior; Massi Giobbi, SMS, senior; Andrew McClanahan, SME, senior; Cole Nelson, SMNW, senior; Brain Ness, ONW, senior


Brian Geller, ONW, senior; Michael Mardikes, SME, sophomore; Zach Marquess, OE, junior; Evan Miller, SMNW, senior; Lucas Reynolds, OE, junior


Patrick Rydberg, OE, senior



Petter Bakken, SMN, senior; Sam Howell, ONW, junior; Sam Thomas, ONW, junior; Ari Throckmorton, SME, junior; Mark Vanderlandingham, OE, junior


Chris Lyon, OE, junior; Eddie Mortera, OS, senior


Collin Dujakovich, SMN, senior; Zach Ferrera, SMS, senior; Tyler Gudenkauf, OS, senior


Steven Skells, SMNW, senior; Will Skoog, SMS, senior


Olathe East:

Jacob Cleek, senior; Drew Coyle, senior

Olathe North:

Ivan Aguiero, sophomore; Douglas Porter, sophomore; Jacob Torres, junior

Olathe Northwest:

Robert Boschma, senior; Zach Sebghati, senior

Olathe South:

Hayes Heil, senior; Nick Riggle, senior

SM East:

Dylan Martz, senior; Will Orth, senior

SM North:

Mario Garcia, senior; Kenny Herron, junior

SM Northwest:

Sam Nobrega, junior; Hunter Thompson, SMNW, senior

SM South:

David Floyd, senior; Parker Ling, senior

SM West: Jack Arndt, junior; Martin Higgins, senior; Chris Sharp, senior

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