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07/29/2014 4:49 PM

07/29/2014 4:49 PM

Koch brothers ‘thanks’

Americans for Prosperity, aka David and Charles Koch, have pledged more than $400,000 for ads in support of Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo in the upcoming Republican primary in August. According to their spokesman, it is to “thank” Pompeo for his support in opposing the wind energy tax credit.

Maybe the good people of Kansas will look closely at the candidates who are being “thanked” by the Koch brothers. Thanks to the rulings by the Supreme Court, the Koch brothers, through Americans for Prosperity, are able to “thank” candidates all across Kansas and this country who support their personal agenda with unlimited financial support.

Luckily for the people in Kansas and this country, although they may be able to pour millions of dollars into campaigns to try and defeat candidates who do not support their personal agenda, they only have one vote at the ballot box. So when you see those ads supporting a candidate, if you see it was sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, you will know who supports the Koch brothers personal agenda and is being “thanked.”

Karen Lane

Overland Park

Tea party challenge

If the tea party were truly against taxes, why not champion the retired segment of society? Tea party members of Congress should seek legislation that removes the taxation of Social Security benefits.

We are the ones who had worked for years contributing to the educational systems that allowed members of the House and Senate to make their fortunes and enjoy the infrastructure that they use but will not themselves rebuild. Retired people provided the many services that coddle them but will be denied to those of us who are retired.

What we receive (and to which we dutifully paid into) is welcomed but does not give us the financial windfall that these people seek.

John Nelles


Bad for county

The Johnson County Commissioners wrote a sad prescription for the future of their constituents by not selecting Allen Greiner as its new chief public health adviser (7-19, A-6, “Health position blocked”).

They passed on hiring an eminently qualified candidate because poor Mary Kay Culp, state executive director of Kansans for Life, was offended by Greiner’s expert testimony to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts in a hearing involving (gasp!) abortion.

When one commissioner’s personal values trump the public’s right to expert leadership, it allows the beliefs of the few to affect many.

Greiner’s extensive experience and proven record as the medical officer of Wyandotte County for the last 10 years would have provided this county with a forward-thinking, highly competent physician overseeing our collective health.

Rejecting him is bad medicine for Johnson County.

Candace Koehler


Roberts, Senate

Recently the Kansas State Objections Board made a decision that Sen. Pat Roberts is a legal resident of Kansas. Do you know who made that decision?

The Objections Board is made up of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer and Attorney General Derek Schmidt. All three are Republicans and have endorsed Roberts.

But all of them sent substitutes to the board meeting. Why did they do that?

No accountability. Even Robert’s staff members have stated that Roberts only became a “resident” of Kansas when he moved in with campaign donors Duane and Phyllis Ross last October.

He does own a house in Dodge City, but he has had to admit when he does come to Kansas he has to rent a motel or sleep on their couch. He claims he talks and keeps in touch with his constituents.

True, mostly by telephone. It is time for a change.

He has been in Washington for four decades and is 78 years old.

He won’t even debate his challenger, Milton Wolf. Are you afraid that a resident might have some ideas that may be more in touch with the people of Kansas because he lives here?

Bob Williams


Obama’s waste

We are now 5 1/2 years into a presidency that has wasted a great opportunity to heal one of America's greatest flaws. This country has had an open wound of racism for decades.

To have a black president is a remarkable accomplishment. It took many whites to vote him into office.

This is an amazing turn of events for our country. President Barack Obama could have taken his position to trumpet this change in America. Instead he chose to keep campaigning for his second term and pass the blame of his own shortcomings to his predecessor, George W. Bush.

During his second term he has chosen to demonize the country that put him in office. If Obama had used his time in office to point out the obvious improvement in race relations in this country, he would undoubtedly be remembered as one of our greatest presidents.

Joe Lavender


Kudos for CareSpot

On a recent Sunday I tripped on the stairs and cut my arm open.

The following morning I went to the CareSpot at 9507 Antioch Road in Overland Park for treatment. The clinic accepted my Medicare and TriCare insurance cards.

The staff cleaned the cut, applied three dissoluble strips (in lieu of stitches), gave me an antibiotic injection, called a prescription to CVS and dismissed me with a supply of bandages for the next three days. By Wednesday morning I received a phone call from the clinic, inquiring how I was feeling.

I appreciate the fast, friendly and efficient treatment — one block from our home. Don't be hesitant about using the CareSpot.

It’s great service that will spare you the need to visit an emergency room.

Leon Peine

Overland Park

Girl Scout honor

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for running the article on the Girl Scout Gold Award. It was nice to see the Girl Scouts finally get the recognition they deserve and to get the word out on this rank achievement.

I have a daughter who is a senior working on her Gold and a sophomore son who is working towards Eagle. I have been telling my son and others about how much harder it is to earn the Gold than the Eagle for some time now but no one believed me, thinking I was just being biased.

It was refreshing to see the article go into detail about the Gold award and explain why it is truly a more challenging to attain than the Eagle. Not that Eagle is not impressive. I know they put work into their projects as well. But the focus of their projects is not about how they are trying to change the world around them.

As both a Girl and Boy Scout leader, I am so thankful the Star is willing to allot space in the paper to share all achievements made by the youth of today who will be tomorrow's leaders.

Jennifer Wood

Girl Scout Troop 1244 Leader

Boy Scout Troop 412 Assistant Scoutmaster


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