Letters to the editor: Wastewater bill too high? Hobby Lobby, JCC bid process

07/07/2014 5:29 PM

07/07/2014 5:29 PM

Water pressure

Two years ago, our Johnson County Wastewater bill was $178, last year $480 and this year $580. When I called I was told that maybe we left the toilet running.

Of course not. Nor do we take one-hour showers, leave the water running while brushing our teeth or have a sprinkler system. What we do have is a greenhouse, many flower beds, flower pots, indoor plants and if we water the back lawn we are about 75 yards from the street.

All of which does not go into the sewer. What person decides the percentage of water coming into our house by Water One billing should get charged?

I feel we are getting ripped off. Does any other person in Johnson County feel the same?

Jan Herman


Anti-bias ordinance

Regardless of where you stand on the anti-discrimination ordinance currently being discussed in Roeland Park, we should all agree that name-calling, bullying, harassment and intimidation are inappropriate. Yet, when a Roeland Park council member speaks out against this ordinance, that’s exactly what the person receives via phone calls, emails and in person at his home.

This type of behavior and bullying is unacceptable, and select proponents of the anti-bias ordinance should be ashamed that they have resorted to personal attacks and intimidation in order to sway votes to pass the ordinance. It makes one ask why proponents need to desperately turn the focus away from the details.

Roeland Park council members need to know all aspects of any ordinance before passing it, regardless of subject matter, especially ones that carry a large financial responsibility.

You get those answers by asking questions.

Janna Willhaus

Roeland Park

Good candidate

Boy, do we in Kansas need some common sense when it comes to sending politicians to Topeka. What we don’t need are any more of these “single” issue politicians who will throw the entire GOP under the bus in order to save their cause.

Ron Worley is a common sense politician who understands what it takes to move Kansas forward. He understands that to accomplish a goal there must be give and take, and if you want to move the ball closer to the goal line you have to work as a team.

Leadership is not hitting someone with a club over and over again. It is taking ideas and working with those who may disagree yet bring them into the discussion and get some real reform accomplished.

How about instead of Kansas being a laughingstock around this great country, we show what real leadership is all about and get this state moving again with smart tax relief, education reform and truly finding a way to help those who are in need.

Ron Worley is the kind of politician who will make this happen.

Jerry Harper


College lighting bid

Interstate Electrical Supply Inc. is a supplier that submitted a bid to the Johnson County Community College for new LED light fixtures. Our bid was more than $7,000 lower than the fixture college officials chose.

What a waste of taxpayer money. The answer we received as to why we were not awarded the bid does not make any sense.

Private businesses would not survive making decisions like this using their own money.

Gary Self


Interstate Electrical

Supply Inc.


Hobby Lobby case

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to allow corporations like Hobby Lobby to opt out of providing birth control to its employees is bad news for women employees of that firm and a potentially for women across our country.

The decision will likely result in unwanted pregnancies, which could result in more abortions or more unwanted children for which ultimately, some government agency will have to pay with our tax contributions. Conservative religious organizations need to consider the consequences of their actions, which certainly do not fit the definition of “conservative.”

That said, I am sure that the Catholic hierarchy is simply thrilled with this decision, even though a majority of its parishioners practice birth control. What else can we expect from some of the great thinkers of the 17th century?

Ted Steinmeyer Jr.

Overland Park

Fighting diabetes

Earlier this year,I went to Capitol Hill to discuss the Special Diabetes Program. The program is important to me because both of my sons have Type 1 diabetes.

Since they were diagnosed, we have watched them endure multiple blood tests and insulin injections to avoid high and low blood sugars. We do this to keep them safe and healthy.

It’s to avoid a terrifying seizure, coma or horrific complications like blindness or kidney disease. This disease is not easy, but there is great hope for a cure.

Thanks to the strong support of Sen. Jerry Moran we have seen action in Congress to help advance diabetes treatments and therapies. The Special Diabetes Program renewal will drive groundbreaking discoveries like the artificial pancreas, which is now advancing at the Food and Drug Administration and will help control blood sugars and prevent costly complications.

The Special Diabetes Program also tested a therapy to address diabetic eye disease a complication that affect people with Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, including 179,000 Kansans.

The Special Diabetes Program is making progress on better understanding the disease and getting closer to a cure so our nation can save $245 billion, the annual cost of diabetes. Our family is so grateful that Sen. Moran, and Congress took action so that research can continue.

One day we can all be free from diabetes.

Kerri Lindsay


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