Letters to the editor: Little Free Libraries in Leawood, corruption, naming sports teams, taxes

07/01/2014 2:27 PM

07/01/2014 2:27 PM

Leawood, 1987

I remember back in the good old days (1987) when Leawood would not allow a gas station to be built. Now city officials are not allowing little libraries in the front yards of homes (6-25, A1, “Little libraries out of circulation in Leawood”).

Maybe one should be placed outside Prairiefire and Von Maur's. I cannot believe that this topic is even an issue.

I have seen the boxes outside and think they are not an “eyesore.” But I like to read and be literate.

If this can encourage reading for all of us and in a community setting, how could this even be considered a controversial issue? Come on, Leawood!

Look how far you have come since 1987. Even President Abe Lincoln would have liked this idea.

He would have built them.

Dee Dee Eccles

Overland Park

Heavy handedness

I am disappointed with Leawood’s intervention with Little libraries (6-25, A1, “Little libraries out of circulation in Leawood”). These little libraries are one of many quaint features of Leawood living.

They have been compared to lemonade stands. Leawood government should spend more time and effort in enforcing ordinances such as persons permanently parking vehicles in driveways and on its streets.

Steve Katz


Endless corruption

There is a word that appears throughout the governance of all of our local, state and federal offices during all of our wars. It is seen in churches, non-profit organizations, in public and private educational systems, and in banking and corporations.

It is continually given lip service by those in the public light but ignored in the back rooms where real power is wielded. It is the product of unjust laws and survives through brazen crimes. The word is corruption.

Corruption takes from the individual the justice due to him or her that has been given through a democratic government. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not belong to just the rich and powerful but to all of us.

It amazes me for how long we have dismissed and tolerated corruption, as we allow the tears, apologies and calls for reform from all sides in power, and then see corruption pop up again. It has become a tradition that values nothing.

John Nelles


Sports team name

Congratulations, America. We do not have any serious problems to deal with.

The federal government has decided to solve the vital issue of a sport team's nickname. Yes, the most powerful government in the history of the world has aimed its guns on the Washington Redskins.

This creates a far bigger problem than it will ever solve. Why would the liberals go through the trouble of violating our First Amendment rights?

If this continues anything named from an American Indian will be fair game — not only sports teams — but cities, county and states. Our federal government has been taken over by liberal, politically correct zealots.

It is time for a change in our nation’s capital. Remember this when you are in a voting booth this coming November.

Joe Lavender


Capital gains tax

For years now, I have been steamed about the lower income tax rate granted by Congress on “capital gains” income received by investors. Not until I ventured into Alan Greenspan’s book, “The Map And The Territory,” had I learned sufficient background information to understand how Congress’ specially lowered capital gains income tax contributed so much to the national debt and the housing loan market crash of 2007-2008.

The dirty work was designating these packaged housing loan mortgages as “bonds,” and profits therefrom were declared capital gains. Instead of being taxed at ordinary income tax rates, these investors were taxed at about half the ordinary tax.

Investors should never have had a tax cut for sitting on their duffs. Consequently, the country suffered greater deficits each year; while the no-raise workers who showed-up for work every day and worked for themselves or their employers paid the full tax rate.

A citizen’s work should continue to be valued. We should recognize that that special, lower capital gains tax treatment is a con and insist that it be abolished as the very first step for repairing national revenue and repairing the national debt.

Lloyd Hellman


Good propaganda

On descriptions of “good propaganda” it should contain “simple emotional content aimed at the masses, repeating a limited number of simple points and focusing on a common enemy.”

Although it comes from long ago and far away, that advice fits the approach taken by the tea party and echoed by those Republicans who are extreme conservatives or afraid of being “primary’ed” by the extremists.

Reducing taxes appeals to the masses. Repeated often and loudly, that cry persuades working people to vote against themselves.

Reducing income taxes while increasing property and sales taxes serves the interests of the wealthy. It works against the interests of the 99 percent.

If we want services such as defense, a legal system, highways and bridges they must be paid for. Tax the income that is least needed, the disposable income of the wealthy.

Government is not the enemy, and corporations are not people. The description of good propaganda was quoted from “Mein Kampf.”

Roy Busdiecker

Colonel, U.S. Army


Overland Park

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