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03/25/2014 4:06 PM

03/25/2014 4:06 PM

Unnecessary light

The streetlight at the intersection of England and 151st streets I do not believe was needed and in all honestly seems like a overall waste of tax money. The intersection there was not an issue and did not have a high accident rate.

I do not believe a streetlight was necessary at this intersection at all.

Jackson Wren

Overland Park GOP razzle-dazzle

Oh my, the Kansas GOP is at it again. They got Bible-slapped by the Senate, which told them it won’t pass the House discrimination bill, and now House Republicans can’t handle the backlash from voters who want to throw them out.

So what do they do but try to make it more difficult for people to change parties and participate in the primary. They know the good common sense people of Kansas will throw these single-issue frauds out on their backsides so they run to make more laws.

Hey, Kansas GOP, I want my Republican Party back. It’s the one that President Ronald Reagan brought to America.

One that is tough but fair, able to compromise and understands the big picture.

Jerry Harper

Lenexa Mayoral race

In reading the March 19 article “Attitudes toward McConwell shape Mission’s mayoral race,” it failed to mention the reason for Mr. Steven Schowengerdt shortened term on City Council. He walked off the job. He walked out on the people who elected him to represent them.

When in public service it is not about you it is about who you serve. He also has sued the city of Mission, the mayor and all the City Council members. She (Roxie Hammill) mentioned Bill Nichols has sued the city but not the mayoral candidate.

Why would Schowengerdt want to be mayor? He has not kept involved in the city or up to date by attending council meetings. He has not verified financial information used in his statements that is “public information.”

Why should we trust him with the city’s finances when his own lawsuits have cost the city thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Other than to pursue his personal assault on the city of Mission, which would halt the forward progress and future of the city. I am at a loss.

Wal-Mart should be contacted for their side of the statement “luring” them from Roeland Park. The corporation has said in the past that it planned on closing this store and had made contact with the Gateway Developer.

I am a small business owner in Mission and resident of Mission and would not trust my vote to Steve Schowengerdt. I do not believe anyone who sues the city should serve in any position in the city!

Shepard has an eye and heart toward the future of this city with the financial knowledge and history to run this city in a proper and equitable way for all interests.

Sandi Russell

Mission Kansas House bill

As I read it, Articles IV and VII of Kansas House Bill No. 2553 would give over control of the health care of any type in the state of Kansas to the governor and his handpicked legislative minions. Kansas residents should get up on what is being quietly written and passed in Topeka, with a minimum of exposure to those whom it affects most.

Write letters, email, tweets, phone calls or however you wish to communicate with your district legislator, and voice your concerns. Yes, it will affect you at some point sooner or later.

Don Rinck Sr.

Mission Informed voters

In a recent poll, the majority of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, said Republicans lawmakers were out of touch. The poll revealed that respondents favor the Democrats who support the middle class. They also favored Democrats handling of the economy, environment and a few other areas people are concerned about.

Sadly, those who identified themselves as Republicans despite how they feel also said they would vote for Republicans. My question to these people is why would you vote against your own self-interest?

If you are in the middle class, why would you support someone who doesn’t support you? Before I ever cast my first vote in an election, my father told me to look at the issues and vote for the person who best represents you.

Just so you know, my father was a lifelong Republican, but made it clear to me that it isn’t the party a person identifies with. It’s what they stand for.

I’m proud to say that I followed his instructions and have voted for the person who best represents me whether the candidate was a Republican or Democrat. I don’t vote along party lines.

I vote for the candidate who supports me.

Karen Lane

Overland Park Cheering pet care

Each living day is a blessing, and I continue to strive to provide a moment of compassion and love for those who cross my path at any time. I also come to witness others, who through their work continue to take that time and to embrace their customers and their situations.

I want to thank Donald Dinges, doctor of veterinary medicine, and all his staff at Camelot Court Animal Clinic for their special treatment of a dear family and their situation. This is definitely not the first time that this veterinary practice has done exemplary work.

Their time and assistance was so valuable to this family and their little boy who so wants to enjoy his new Boxer rescue. The veterinarian and clinic staff’s interactions were so touching and comforting from the first moment the family entered.

I would like to thank Dr. Dinges and his associates, veterinary technicians, groomers and supporting staff for providing compassionate moments and comforting experiences to those who may need that little extra in their days

Linda Taylor



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