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March 6, 2014


How should Metcalf South Shopping Center be redeveloped? Readers had a lot of ideas.
One Overland Park corner is in for a big change. A local developer backed by a billionaire partner has bought the struggling Metcalf South Shopping Center, and is looking at leveling it to build a residential, retail and office project. How do you think the mall should be redeveloped?

Michael L. Gallagher:

It would be nice if the developers could actually save the Glenwood Arts Theater, since it is a standalone building anyway. It would be a very nice addition to the redevelopment. I would almost say the same thing about Sears. However, Sears is in sooooo much trouble that I doubt that store would stay open anyway. We love our Glenwood Arts Theater and its historic sign outside from the original Glenwood Theater on Metcalf.

Susan Candillo:

I remember taking my kids to Glenwood Theater to see “Star Wars” many years ago.

Brian McNaughton: Susan Candillo, you might note that the actual Glenwood Theater (at 91st Street and Metcalf Avenue) was razed years ago to make way for a strip mall. The only part of the Glenwood Arts from that theater is the marquee on 95th Street, and some of the interior furnishings and seats. I believe the theater can be its own structure (two outside walls, unknown on interior facing), so there isn’t a strong reason it couldn’t remain, though its location might not be convenient to the new developers.

Ido Workout:

City Museum like St. Louis.

Slimm Adkins:

Overland Park doesn’t have near enough culture to even attempt something as cool as City Museum!

Nate Staley: How about just an even bigger surface parking lot? We can all just park there and listen to country music while revving our engines.

Brad Dougan:

Very sad. I bet they will ask for big tax breaks, then build something that stays mostly empty. Taxpayers will get screwed while the corporation in charge will profit.

Karen Randall:

Just try and remember those corporations employ people, and if people don’t buy from the businesses they build, they will go bankrupt.

Mark Burton:

Wonder if that billionaire might want to buy the Royals and spend the kind of money needed to produce consistent winners and keep the team here.

Deany Goode:

Money makes consistent winners?

Mark Burton:

Money can keep the players who make consistent winners.

Bob Sherman:

Awesome! The place has become an eyesore! As long as the developers leave some semblance of the Glenwood Theater, I’ll be soooo happy!

Christie Newman:

Mix use of retail and residences with lots of green space.

Justin Stidham:

I was going to say “quickly” until I read the City Museum idea.

Jase Wilson:

Take the opportunity to build compact mixed use with a walkable, thoughtful layout. People first, cars second. It’ll fill up in a heartbeat.

Steve Davis:

Kids museum like City Museum in St. Louis is a great idea!

Paul Estes:

City Museum? Let’s be a little more creative. JoCo residents want fancy places to shop. Oh wait … they will want to say, “NOT IN MY BACKYARD!”

Dustin Crane:

LOL. Yeah, like that’s worked in the past (Wal-Marts).

Deany Goode:

I think what he means is they’d rather shop at the Plaza and have nothing to do with KC proper.

Nancy Sawyer Fox:

More residential, retail and office? God forbid they put a something in there that benefits the public. Oh yeah, that’s what Missouri is for.

Marcy Buckner:

It would be cool if they could get the Container Store or something similar in there. There are so many awesome stores nationwide that we don’t have in the KC area.

Julie Minegar-Stasi:

Just do SOMETHING. Hate seeing stuff sit there and do nothing.

Eric Sayer:

How many malls do they tear down without putting any up?

Patty Giudicessi Carr:

Spent tons of money at that mall back in the ’80s. Is Topsy’s Popcorn still there ? Loved that caramel popcorn!

Brad Renneke:

Hope to see a Jones Store or Hyper-Mart, like the old Bannister Mall had!

Marley Schuster:

Keep Sears!

Donna Boyd:

I think they should build Rascals a new home. Perfect location for a Christian Child ECE Center!

Carol Adornato Culkin:

Something attractive and useful to the community, please. Let’s give OP some character on the main road. It’s lacking charm.

Lupe Cedillo:

How about the Americana Mall in Glendale, Calif.? They have condos, retail stores, theater, restaurants, offices, beautiful water fountain, free trolley rides! I am anxious to see the new project done.

Bryon Margo:

There’s still a mall there? Is Stanford’s still there?

Bryan Dicus:

I hope Sears remains.

Karen Randall:

What you need is more shopping (sarc). Condos would be good, maybe a theater. Where is the closest grocery store?

Deany Goode:

What’s the difference between a mall and a retail and office project? They sound like synonyms to me.

Dustin Crane:

Condos might help get the appraised values of houses around there back up. But they would still have to do something about the rising crime between Shawnee and 95th Street.

Jason Brose:

It’d make more sense for a museum there than the old King Louie Lanes, which are becoming a major league money pit ($9 million they’ll need to stabilize it), but I don’t know anymore.

Matt Wilson:

I always felt that Metcalf South would be a brilliant location for the filming of a zombie movie.

Hugh Forrest Smith:

I never thought of that, Matt, but you’re right! It would be a good place for a zombie movie! LOL. I have a lot of wonderful memories of Metcalf South.

Mark Christoph:

I used to love going to that mall back in the ’70s and early ’80s. Ah, progress.

Larry Rochelle:

As it stands, it is a fantastic mall with superb strength, history and possibilities. Tearing it down is a horror. Fixing it up is the answer: space, strength, history and parking. It has it all except customers. Overland Park might as well tear down its own historic downtown, too, and replace it with condos and bars. Unthinkable.

Caitlin Buelt:

You’re ridiculous. The mall needs to be torn down and replaced, as does the center across 95th Street to the north. The historic downtown is totally different. The mall is nowhere near the same league as far as it being worthy of preserving, but yes … please add more condos and maybe even a few bars there.

Larry Rochelle:

Thanks, Caitlin. I like your style. Insult the person. Then use sarcasm. You made me feel great.

Caitlin Buelt: Larry Rochelle, thanks.

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