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12/10/2013 12:00 AM

12/09/2013 6:02 PM

Media-free day

Daily we watch our nation riven by pols, lobbyists, fanatics and the media — each with a no-compromise agenda. Perhaps we should all one day take a period of 24 hours (the minimum) to turn off the Internet, the television, the radio, and not pick up a newspaper or magazine (even The Star), nor engage our friends in anything but pleasant chatter.

Then use this time to critically think about what we, ourselves, really believe. Our thoughts should truly be ours, not those who benefit from their questionable tenets and propaganda.

John Nelles

Shawnee End drunkenness

My son and I attended the Chiefs versus Houston game a few weeks back. We had a great time.

Those around us were friendly and respectful. In light of the recent violence at Arrowhead, I now feel obligated to comment on our experience after the game. There were dozens of parking lot attendants pre-game leading us to our parking slot.

Exiting Arrowhead after the game was chaos and gridlock. We observed individuals getting drunker and more aggressive on their pickup tailgates.

They were approaching those attempting to leave the lot, verbally assaulting couples and attempting to urinate on one exiting vehicle. One woman was trying to dovetail her car into traffic, and an individual blasted her with profanity and came literally within an inch of deliberately ramming her car.

She explained that she had young children to pick up but to no avail. I could continue my observations as this nightmare lasted nearly 90 minutes.

My suggestions to the Chiefs:

• Dedicate resources to expedite exiting the stadium.

• Publicize a plan whereby fans can report escalating violence.

• Prohibit drinking when the game is over and enforce it.

Sam DeMarco

Overland Park Fond memories

For unknown reasons, the association with the Kansas City area of former University of Kansas great and NFL Hall of Famer, Mike McCormack, has been overlooked.

The Nov. 16 article of Mike’s death, “Ex-KU star, NFL exec dead at 83,” appeared in the Sports section of The Star. It made no mention of Mike attending DeLaSalle High School here in the city, graduating in 1947 or was anything said of his civic and community involvement, including actively working with United Way when he lived here in the 1960s.

The alumni of DeLaSalle are quite proud to claim Mike as one of our own. As Cadet Colonel he was highly respected and a humble leader.

We agree with Jerry Richardson, owner of the NFL Carolina Panthers, when he said “Mike was universally respected by everyone associated with pro football. He was a wonderful man.”

The Cadet Corps salutes you, Mike.

John Gladbach

Member DeLaSalle

Alumni Board

Roeland Park Sequester effects

As we know from the president’s many speeches, thousands of hungry school students are going without anything to eat because the Republicans failed to repeal the president’s sequester program. I am happy to report that President Barack Obama will not have to give up his golf outings. First lady Michelle Obama also will not have to give up any of her trips for shopping.

Charley Morasch

Leawood Improve roads

I drove on Johnson Drive in Mission recently. The street was in horrible condition.

For months it had construction with barricades. It was like driving through a maze.

The barricades are removed, but there are metal plates throughout the area. The taxpayers need to hold someone accountable and get some answers.

I live in Wyandotte County where a lot of our roads were under construction for a long period of time. But when they were completed a great job had been done.

The people of Mission deserve better.

Joyce Drummond

Kansas City, Kan. End driveway tax

I feel the driveway tax in Mission is not legal and if the city cannot maintain the streets and other city necessities, then the funds needed should be added to property tax which would reflect the true cost of living in town.

The only city/state I’m aware of that charges a driveway tax is Oregon, where there is no sales tax. The price on a label is the price you pay at the cash register.

One big-box store threatened to move out of Mission if it were subject to the driveway tax. The last I knew it was not a nonprofit entity.

The 2011 sales tax should not be considered as being “embraced” by voters. It was not put on a ballot for vote at the polls. Instead it was sent out via U.S. mail to be filled out and sent in.

Money was spent for a trip to Guam to hire a contractor for what was to be an aquarium in Mission, when a day trip to Omaha, Neb., would have been more than sufficient as they have a proven successful aquarium.

Georgene Taylor

Mission Holiday gratitude

Thanksgiving morning, while on the treadmill, I had an epiphany of sorts. I realized that I’m pretty lucky and have a great deal to be thankful for.

I also realized that the nice dinner I was looking forward to at a pretty good restaurant (not turkey by the way) would be symbolic of that good fortune and not in and of itself all that important. However, many of our fellow Kansas Citians were not so fortunate.

My epiphany? To make a donation to Harvesters — The Community Food Network an amount equal to the bill for dinner. And we did not hold back.

I will not disclose how much I spent but I will share that it was the most expensive dinner for four I’ve ever enjoyed. And enjoy it we did.

Monty J. Brown



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