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November 12, 2013

Letters to the 913 Editor

I shuddered when I recently received the notification to renew my Kansas driver’s license. I decided to take advantage of the QLess Wait Line Management System offered by the Kansas Department of Revenue.
Cheers to DMV

I shuddered when I recently received the notification to renew my Kansas driver’s license. I decided to take advantage of the QLess Wait Line Management System offered by the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Amazing. I sent a text message to put myself in a “virtual” line and continued to receive text updates with my status up to the moment it was my turn. It took longer to drive from my home to the Olathe license office than I spent at the office completing the entire process.

All of the department of motor vehicle staff were attentive and courteous, and the office seemed to run like a well-oiled machine. Kudos to all who helped make this once-arduous experience a breeze.

Richard Vincent

Olathe Spreading oil filth

The next time you hear an elected official demanding that the Keystone XL Pipeline be approved, check and see how much money he has received from Americans for Prosperity, which is run and funded by the Koch brothers. In a recent report, if the Keystone Pipeline is approved, the Koch brothers will make billions of dollars.

So you see, this isn’t at all about making America energy independent. It’s about the Koch brothers making money.

Ask the farmer how he feels about the pipeline that broke under his field that has submerged more than seven acres of his property in oil. Ask the people in Arkansas whose neighborhood was flooded with oil when a pipeline they didn’t know existed broke.

Ask the people in Michigan how they feel about the Saginaw River being flooded with tar sands oil, closed for over three years because no one knew how to clean it up. Oil companies are happy to try and clean up the mess and pay a relatively small penalty.

To the Koch brothers, what’s a couple million dollars when you will make billions of dollars? This is oil sold to China, but it is our land that pays the price.

Karen Lane

Overland Park Electronic smokes

As one who picks up trash while walking, I have reconciled myself to beer cans, bottles, cola products and snack bags. However, a new assortment of throwaways are now becoming an odd part of the scene: the plastic flossing frames, energy gels used by cyclists, and, most disturbing, electronic cigarettes. The latter have nicotine packs and lithium batteries, a danger to animals and the environment.

The old dependables can be recycled, regular cigarettes degrade quickly, but the electronic versions are a potential problem. Please dispose of them properly.

John Nelles

Shawnee KCI, public transit

On a recent trip to Chicago, we had a great experience using Amtrak. (Try it.) While in Chicago we hung out downtown and did not use any public transportation as we were just doing some walking to and from sightseeing.

If the authorities in Kansas City ever decide to join the common sense public transportation group, they would be well-advised to take a trip to the Windy City for some guidance and quit playing that old golden oldie that suggests fixing up a perfectly good, working airport. If it ain’t broke (Kansas City International Airport) don’t fix it, and if it is broke (Kansas City public transportation), do something about it.

Tom Spath

Lenexa Solution-free GOP

What is the name of the foreign nation where I can witness Sen. Ted Cruz’s and Rep. Paul Ryan’s more ideal, no-government health care system and see that it is as good as or better then the system in Australia or Japan? If Sen. Cruz can present his alternate system and proof that it works, then let’s emulate that system.

If not, let the U.S. emulate the system in Australia or Japan as Sen. Cruz, Rep. Ryan and their fans cut government spending and shut down the government in their ideological war over the role of government. Problems like our defective health care system, the damage inflicted by the Great Recession, our deteriorating infrastructure, our shrinking middle class and growing number of working poor are being both ignored and made worse.

Sen. Cruz and crew lack alternative solutions for our nation’s problems and their ideological war is distracting us from dealing with our nation’s problems and that needlessly hurt Americans. In regard to the government shutdown what is there to negotiate or compromise on when the Republican Party is not offering alternative solutions to the problems I have mentioned?

Theodore J. Sturgeon

Olathe Unwanted calls

We pay AT about $50 a month for landline telephone service. We get about a dozen calls a day.

Our number is listed on the National Do Not Call List, but usually half are from robots at “card services,” “Big Brothers, Big Sisters,” “clothing pickup,” supposed veterans groups and police groups, politicians I don’t want to hear and security services warning that the FBI says our home is threatened.

I often punch No. 1 to reach actual human beings, thus wasting their time as they are wasting mine. My email program offers me a far better defense.

It isolates spam in a separate file I never see, deleting it after 30 days. I went on the AT website seeking an answer.

After a lengthy typed conversation with a real human, a nice person, I discovered the call blocker she described was for cellphones, not landlines. It turns out it’s hard for a non-tech guy like me to avoid constant trouble from the phone for which I play $50 a month.

If Google can do it, why can’t AT?

Charles Hammer

Shawnee Sunflower happiness

As Missouri has more meth houses than 39 other states combined, I’m just glad I live in Kansas.

Rick Gould

Overland Park

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