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11/05/2013 4:09 PM

11/05/2013 4:10 PM

Ruling on Phill Kline

While we have probably not heard the last of Phill Kline, we have at least closed another chapter on the uber-controversial-conservative former representative/attorney general/district attorney, and now, associate professor of law, a job he has held since being voted out of office (again) (10-19, A1, “Court halts Kline’s license”).

While not qualified to hold a law license in conservative Kansas because of numerous ethics violations, he is certainly more than qualified to teach law at Liberty University, a Christian institute of learning, where he can espouse his conservative viewpoints to like-minded young people. But hey, he wasn’t disbarred.

Speaking of chapters, I see a book coming out of all this.

Marty Birch

Olathe Steve Rose column

I question any opinion writer who willingly sacrifices the sanctity of the First Amendment (10-20, Commentary, “Tweet should cost KU journalism prof his job”). I hope someone at The Star realizes the need for its defense.

Steve Rose has never been courageous, but this is clearly a case of piling on more in the manner of a fundamentalist senator-teacher who’s looking for easy support.

David Grant Gray

Prairie Village Lovely trails, but...

We are blessed with beautiful, well-maintained hiking/biking trails in Johnson County. On a warm autumn day, I was enjoying the Tomahawk Creek Trail.

As I walked along, nature called, and much to my distress there were no public facilities to be found. I happened to be on the section behind St. Andrews Golf Club when I was pleasantly surprised by a sign welcoming me to use its facility.

The golf club had made an opening in the fence to allow walkers/joggers/bikers on the trail to step inside their private course and avail themselves to their hospitality. It was clean with warm running water to wash up, a cool refreshing water fountain to drink from and a bench in the shade to relax on for a couple of minutes.

Speaking with others along the trail, more than 95 percent of us used that facility on that day. On behalf of myself and all others who have stopped, thank you St. Andrews’ members and leaders for your kindness and generosity.

Nikki Otto

Overland Park Chiefs vs. Obama

It is interesting to see what Andy Reid has done using the same basic player personnel this year versus last year. It is too bad our White House leadership can’t take a page from Andy Reid’s playbook.

I just hope that President Barack Obama leaves the owner’s home in better condition than Todd Haley did.

Steve Maxon

Overland Park

Tea party tactics

Albert Einstein is often credited with this quotation. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Einstein’s definition of insanity describes the recent actions of House Republicans.

They have voted more than 40 times to repeal the 2010 Affordable Care Act, even though it was the law of the land and was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012.

In addition, Sen. Ted Cruz and his tea party Republican cronies attempted to defund Obamacare by leading a partial government shutdown last month and threatening to not raise the debt limit.

These extreme right-wing tactics fit the very definition of insanity.

Jane Toliver

Leawood Pay equality

Without raising prices, companies like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart can follow one of two options. Option one is to pay their top executives the equivalent of $3,600 an hour and their typical employee $9 an hour.

The second option is to pay their top executives $600 an hour and pay their typical employee $15 an hour. With either option the top executives and shareholders are wealthy.

The first option sacrifices the middle class, consumer spending and jobs to boost the wealth of a few people who are already wealthy. Republican legislators affiliated and unaffiliated with the tea party have not advocated that we raise the minimum wage as an alternative to government programs that support the working poor.

While multiple democracies have a better health care system than the U.S., Republican legislators have not advocated that we emulate one of those other systems as an alternative to our current health care reform. The conflict is not over whose solution we are going to use to solve our problems.

The conflict is that Republican legislators are supporting the problems that afflict our nation.

Theodore J. Sturgeon


Elect best officials

We need smart mature leaders who live up to their principles and will practice reasonable compromise and pass a federal budget that offers a path toward economic security and job growth. We want elected officials who will govern and follow the oath of office. Our elected officials must govern within the walls of Congress and not on talk shows.

We must elect officials who will practice what he or she preaches. He or she does not tell other people to practice tolerance without practicing it himself or herself.

We want an individual who respects a community’s right to display any symbol it chooses. He or she does not try to force that community to take it down. We want an individual who respects opposing viewpoints.

He or she does not try to suppress them. We want an individual who makes accusations based on hard evidence. He or she does not make them based on personal opinions.

The American people must stop posturing and always vote smart. Vote for politicians who have a modern product, don’t want to kill human rights, and are not self-serving or drive nonsense issues into the ground.

Jerry Brown

Overland Park


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