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10/15/2013 4:33 PM

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Guns in parks

In 913 on Oct. 2 there was an article, “Proposed park regulations include changes on weapons and wildlife,” on my now-adult children’s beloved childhood place, Antioch Park. There is a movement afoot to make it illegal to feed the birds in this park but totally legal to carry a weapon openly.

This is truly a sign of the insanity that has become Kansas politics, across the state. People fear the gun lobby and will dare not say anything to jeopardize their precious political careers because, sadly, this has become a fact of life in our Old Wild West state of Kansas.

If guns are permitted in places where kids are playing, then guns should definitely be allowed in city halls and other public government buildings across the state. What are politicians afraid of that our kids shouldn’t be?

A loaded weapon? Think about the people of Kansas.

Next time, vote with courage for the responsible ones.

Kat Berger

Overland Park Park’s naked art

Shades of our Puritan ancestors are emerging. They, and even some people today, go berserk when they even think someone is enjoying sex. Or even anything having to do with sex.

And to them, what is sex? A part of the human body that all of us own: breasts. Or, heaven forbid, any mention of that thing which the other half own and use every day to do what nature intended it for.

That statue at the Overland Park Arboretum has one breast exposed. Oh no!

What will that do to our children when they see that? Our children?

Who knows more than our Puritan fathers about sex? Those nice kids? Did you ever see one- Euro coin from Italy?

Find one and check it out. There is a naked man portrayed on it. Naked, as in no clothes.

It is a drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci circa 1490 with his arms and legs apart and simultaneously inscribed in a circle and square. And his genitalia is available for all to see — even little schoolchildren.

When they clutch a one Euro coin in their tender innocent fingers they cannot help it, they must touch the genitalia, which is raised above the rest of the figure. It is there. It is noticeable. And those unenlightened European countries that use the Euro?

Their children must be nothing but sex fiends very early in life. Thank goodness our protected children do not have to touch that exposed breast in the park.

Thank goodness they can only look.

Jack Folse

Overland Park Thought police

Once again we find ourselves being told what we should look at and what we should teach. Phillip Cosby has nothing better to do than protest a statue at the Overland Park Arboretum, and John Calvert believes we need to forget about science, and teach intelligent design in school.

Both of these people are religious zealots, and they want to impose their doctrine on the rest of us. The dangerous part is that these groups organize well and push their people to vote while the rest of us don’t see it as being that important.

Look what happened to the politicians in Colorado who were recalled by the National Rifle Association. People who had no NRA affiliation didn’t bother to vote, and two good people were recalled for voting their conscience.

We need to be very careful with John Calvert and Phillip Cosby because they can get their people to vote. Intelligent design should be taught at home or in church because it has no place in schools.

Phillip Cosby simply needs to tell his flock to not visit the arboretum and to spend time at home studying with John Calvert about intelligent design. Watch these people very carefully.

Tom Wolff

Overland Park Herbert column

I read Danedri Herbert’s Oct. 2 column, “The Pandora’s box of Obamacare is the first step to enslavement,” in the 913 section and found it extremely biased and without merit. She wrote of “the sheer unsustainable cost of this monstrosity” when she had no facts to back up that statement.

In fact, we do not know how much this program will cost. Some reports I have read state that the costs will be lower than anticipated.

I am of the opinion that we do not know the current cost to all of us in paying for the currently uninsured who use the emergency rooms at hospitals for their health care. I have a friend whose son, at 23 years of age, was uninsured and had a motorcycle accident.

He has incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, which he is obligated to pay for the rest of his life. There has got to be a better way.

I think we need to give the Affordable Care Act a try.

Terri Sullivan, PhD

Fairway Improvements needed

Mission is such a pleasant and wonderful place to live and work. First off, city officials promptly respond to your inquiries and/or complaints.

This is done by responding, “We have not received any complaints.”

The police chief is extremely concerned on any noise violation by responding with the response, “We have not received any complaints.”

Even when you personally talk to the affected homeowners. The city has street repair in a continual disarray to the disgust of the Johnson Drive businesses.

The city continues to look out for its homeowners. That is why currently there are dozens of homes on the market and many vacant businesses on the Johnson Drive corridor.

The latest inquiry was addressed to the mayor, city administrator and police chief. Only the police chief responded.

Apparently the other two were too busy to respond. What a wonderful city Mission is.

William Hahn


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