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10/08/2013 1:38 PM

10/08/2013 1:39 PM

Don’t pay Congress

Our country has survived many things and will endure this mindless mess. It does come to mind though that we in the Kansas City area should start to gather lots of signatures to put an amendment in our great Constitution to withhold the pay of every one of our elected federal representatives.

I do not really care which side they claim to be on. As long as they do nutty and destructive stuff affecting all Americans and especially the least of us then they should not be paid.

Principal is one thing, but when they choose to hurt the least among us they are just wrong.

Gary Marsh

Overland Park U.S. shutdown

Thank you for a very clear and concise evaluation of what is really going on with the government shutdown. So many media outlets are trying to portray this as the result of partisanship on all sides with Democrats, President Barack Obama and the Republicans being equally to blame.

The tea party is a minority of the GOP in one branch of government. There are ways to repeal laws, and to allow the tea party to succeed in this manner will inevitably lead to continued use of the shutdown tactics to achieve goals that cannot be done through the normal democratic process.

Imagine if a minority of liberal Democrats shut down the government to force passage of gun control laws. And thank you also for calling out our local representatives for their complicity in tea party blackmail.

I am especially disappointed in Rep. Kevin Yoder who likes to pretend he is a moderate.

Wendy Noll

Overland Park U.S. embarrassment

The government shutdown demonstrates to me the inability of certain elected officials to work in a capacity that allows for the successful operation of the engine that drives this country. This shutdown is direct representation of the failure of these officials to do their job properly.

There is no successful business in this country that would tolerate such performance from its employees. They would be fired.

I believe a list should be constructed of all those directly responsible for this shutdown and provided to the public, and these people should be voted out in their next term election, and not be permitted to serve in public office again. I’m assuming this would include just about every tea party Republican in the House of Representatives. So be it.

I have heard this shutdown described by some in government as “no big deal.” Well, to me it is a “big freaking embarrassment.”

And it truly is an embarrassment that our government can’t operate in a capacity that allows it to function on a continuing basis.

Daniel Jennings

Olathe Shutdown effects

I was almost relieved last week by the government shut down. I thought finally we will see the president didn’t back down and fold under unrealistic expectations.

This is easy for me to say, though. I’m not that close to the situation. I don’t work for the government.

My income right now doesn’t depend on that. My child care and children’s education doesn’t depend it right now.

But then I listened. I listened to the real people out there who are affected. I would ask that all the women in Congress come together and make the choice to come to the table.

Women need to show their commitment as mothers, daughters and sisters. Make the choice to compromise and to do what’s best for American families.

Make the choice to put those Head Start kiddos back in the classroom and back with their teachers so that parents can go back to work. I am ashamed that our American elected officials can’t find common ground and work to do the right thing.

Because nonessential government workers have all this time off, they should visit a family that is unable to work because their special needs child has no Head Start care. Ask how understanding their boss was when they had to call in to work.

Many of these people who use Head Start are low wage earners (housekeeping, warehouse, home health aides and nurses aides). Few have vacation or sick pay.

Regardless of party affiliation I would encourage people to care about how this affects families.

Brooke Poindexter

Overland Park Job destroyers

It turns out that Republican lawmakers may be just as big of job killers as the Obamacare law, or the Affordable Care Act, they contend does the same. Just ask the 800,000 nonessential federal employees who now have no job.

I guess the Republicans are not the job creators that they claim to be.

Neal Moster

Overland Park Reprehensible officials

It’s time for another March on Washington. All the workers who are furloughed or are losing jobs in private sector businesses that serve government — along with their families, friends and everyone who is tired of the bickering and petulance in Washington, D.C., should camp in protest in the Mall and outside Congress and the White House.

Members of Congress and their staffs, along with the executive and judicial branches of government should have their pay withheld. They are clearly doing nothing to earn it.

The fact that a relatively small number of stubborn cusses in the House of Representatives can hold the country hostage is reprehensible.

Rowena Unger Turk

Overland Park Cable eyesore

I have no idea what part of our city government was responsible for creating the blight in every Shawnee homeowners’ property. The city a few years ago allowed what was then Everest Cable to bury cable throughout the city and leave behind all these ugly green faded, leaning, eyesore boxes in just about everyone’s yard.

If the residents of the city had put all of these boxes in their yards, the city would be fining them. In this case, it should go the other way, and Shawnee homeowners should bring suit against the city.

All our power and phone lines are overhead, and that should have been what Everest had to live with. We’re left with a very poor decision on the part of the city.

Vern Ogden



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