Danedri Herbert — Once the Pandora’s box of Obamacare is opened, watch out

10/01/2013 4:01 PM

10/01/2013 4:02 PM

I’m sorry, but the private individuals shilling for Obamacare are creeping me out. I can’t ever remember a time in which regular, everyday citizens spewed propaganda on their friends in peers in favor of a government program.

My Facebook is filled with normal people posting pictures and memes and impersonal anecdotes about the virtues of a piece of unpopular, expensive legislation.

Labor unions, early supporters of Obamacare, are now crying foul.

The AFL-CIO is calling Obamacare disruptive, and as recently as Sept. 13, labor unions and the White House were working to create additional subsidies or special handouts related to Obamacare for union members.

Small franchise restaurant owners want out of the program. Major corporations are transferring employees and retirees onto the insurance exchanges, and everyone is bemoaning that the health care plan will kill the 40-hour work week.

UPS dropped coverage for employed spouses, which Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, mentioned in his 21-hour marathon speech to defund Obamacare. The statement threw fact checkers into overdrive, and USA Today said the claim was erroneous. The national newspaper said that UPS is only dropping coverage for spouses who can get health insurance from other sources.

We’re now debating the difference between pewter and charcoal. It’s all still gray. Within seconds of the USA Today story hitting the Internet, my socialistically inclined friends are posting USA Today’s parsing of a dozen different shades of gray to their Facebook pages. It’s an attempt to persuade their friends and family that Obamacare is the best thing to happen to this country since 1776.

The White House is now issuing cute animal memes so people will feel warm and fuzzy about Obamacare. Most revoltingly, tons of people are reposting the propaganda, as if they are some unpaid public relations wing of the socialist party.

Has this ever happened in the history of this country? When did people become so disengaged from critical thinking that they truly think posting a picture of a fuzzy animal praising a bad law could take the place of using reason and logic?

Did reams of people show their active and vocal support for say, Social Security, after it was first passed? I doubt it.

Shortly after the health care law passed, I read the 1,000-pages-plus bill in its entirety. So I’m at least a step ahead of Congress. Of course, the infamous, snarky fact checkers will tell you the bill has fewer than 1,000 pages (906, apparently), and hundreds of pages of citations.

The Obamacare cheerleaders are splitting hairs instead of arguing the deeper concerns, of which there are many.

It’s hard to pick what I hate most about Obamacare — the fact that it obliterates religious liberties; the sheer unsustainable cost of the monstrosity.

Primarily, I have a huge philosophical issue with the bill, and no amount of arguing about the number of pages or UPS’s response to the legislation will change it: Government should not dictate to a free people. Rather than regulating things citizens can’t do, this bill tells people what they must do. To me, it’s the very difference between freedom and enslavement.

Future White House administrations and legislation can tell people what they must do.

Set aside the fact that the bill itself allows home visits from government officials to certain people based on them owning guns or smoking cigarettes. Once our government can tell people what they have to do, it’s the myriad of future legislation — even seemingly unrelated to Obamacare — that has me concerned.

While that may seem just A-OK to the pro-Obamacare people right now, I can’t imagine how well they might tolerate being forced by the government to attend church or to have at least one child or to live in a home no bigger than 900 square feet.

Once Pandora’s Box is open, there’s nothing the government can’t do. I have a problem with that, and you should, too.

I can’t imagine why any liberals are acting as the cold hand of Pravda. That harkens to a sickness greater than that of the disastrous Obamacare legislation.


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