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September 10, 2013

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After more than a year of delays at the Johnson County driver’s license offices, it’s about time the state has decided to do something (8-30, A4, “Kansas takes steps to lessen the wait for a driver’s license”). Couldn’t you have figured that out last year.
Fix Kansas DMV

After more than a year of delays at the Johnson County driver’s license offices, it’s about time the state has decided to do something (8-30, A4, “Kansas takes steps to lessen the wait for a driver’s license”). Couldn’t you have figured that out last year.

Why not do something different. How about letting folks renew online like other states do without additional expenses? Wouldn’t that save time, if not frustration, from your customers?

And to think it can take more than six weeks to get one’s new license mailed. How ridiculous is that?

You can do everything except print the actual license at the office. Why not start printing them there?

Wouldn’t that save postage? Your entire upper management needs to be replaced with forward thinking people, individuals who would have addressed these problems last year, not more than 12 months later.

Dorothy Kendrick

Spring Hill Kudos for road

To the city of Overland Park: The construction on 91st Street was often frustrating, messy and sometimes quite irritating. I got trapped or lost several times.

Now that it’s done, I want to say thank you for a job well done. Thank you to the crews who spent their days in unpleasant summer weather.

Our new street is beautiful and spacious. It is a huge improvement for our city, a well-traveled and favorite route of mine. It looks like a boulevard.

Good job!!

Jamie Troutz

Overland Park No on Syria

Much like former first lady Nancy Reagan used to say, “Just say no.” If those in Syria will gas their own, killing a few thousand American troops will be no skin off of their backs.

How will a few “well directed” missiles correct what more than 2,000 years has not? There is nothing in Syria that is worth one life of a U.S. serviceman, nothing.

Make the United Nations do its job and see how the U.N. likes being the world’s savior. The problem is U.N. officials don’t know how or have the guts to do so thus they always leave it to the U.S.

This time we must say no. Sen. John McCain, Rep. Eric Cantor and House Speaker John Boehner, get off of the Obama bandwagon and say no.

Thank you to the Kansas delegation for saying no.

Jerry Harper

Lenexa Elite behavior

Those whom we have elected to represent us in government and those claiming to be “conservative” are apparently an elite group that stands above and beyond the rest of us.

1. They don’t need insurance because they’re born immune to sickness.

2. They don’t need schoolteachers because they are born pre-educated.

3. They don’t need above minimum jobs because they are born rich.

4. They don’t need nursing homes for elderly or ailing family, because of Nos. 1. and 3.

5. Their health care plan consists of three basic parts:

a. Don’t get sick.

b. If you get sick, die real quick.

c. Don’t go to a doctor; go to the emergency room (the taxpayers will pick it up).

I am so glad they are so blessed and don’t need anyone who cares about the concerns of those less fortunate.

Don Rinck Sr.

Mission Government shutdown

Elected members of the tea party have used their time to tell constituents that unless Obamacare is defunded, they must not raise the debt ceiling and they will have no choice but to shut down the government. What they do not tell the people is that when it comes to raising the debt ceiling, you cannot pick and choose what you will fund and not fund.

When you shut down the government, nothing is funded and nothing gets paid. No Social Security checks, no military pay, well except for the paychecks for members of Congress because they get paid no matter what.

If you rely on Social Security, sorry, you will just have to feel the pain while they make their point about Obamacare. For those who have money in retirement accounts, we will shake the markets, and once again you will lose money.

But we need to make our point. We have to make it so painful for the country and everyone in it that there will be no other option than to defund Obamacare.

Oh, and last, these lawmakers will not negotiate. However, people’s pain is not their pain because they will still get paid.

Karen Lane

Overland Park GOP good guys

A favorite pastime of Democrats is to define Republicans. I would like to try it from the other side.

Democrats don’t like to help people. Democrats like to do things that make them feel good.

Democrats are big on temporary solutions not long-term solutions. Republicans will offer help to any person who needs it but, they are more interested in developing a long-term solution.

Democrats are full of old white men. They just don’t get the same air time.

Democrats are not very nice people. In the 2008 presidential contest, Sen. John McCain stopped a woman who claimed that Sen. Barack Obama was a Muslim and was not a United States citizen. McCain defended Obama by stating that he believed Obama to be a Christian and a United States citizen.

In the 2012 presidential contest, Obama’s campaign called GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney a felon. The silence from Obama was deafening.

Which party came across as nicer and possessing more integrity? Democrats want to tell you how to live.

They believe they know what is best for you because you are not smart enough to think for yourself. Republicans have a firm and enduring belief that people can and will take care of themselves if allowed to.

William Gray

Overland Park Repeating history

After her successful swim from Cuba to Florida, Diana Nyad said, “Never, ever give up (9-3, A2, “Cuba-To-Florida swim”).”

Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria (?).

Repeat the platitude. Repeat history.

Jim Dingwerth


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