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08/20/2013 3:28 PM

08/20/2013 3:30 PM

Upgrades to Olathe

I have been watching the repair/update of downtown Olathe and am amazed as to how much expense and time was devoted there. I have no problem with cleaning and repairing but I believe this was to the extreme.

The cost of the downtown project was $8 million. I know that the downtown is only used by residents who have a business there or a court need.

There are no tourists visiting/touring downtown. Now officials want to ask for $9 million in sales tax money per year to repair our current streets.

It seems to me that the street repairs should have come first. I have seen them repair many curbs that didn’t seem to have any problems, and maybe that should have come after the needed street repairs.

I’m just concerned about the order of spending.

Linda Hirth

Olathe DMV troubles

I am steaming right now, as I just returned from attempting to renew my driver’s license (due Sept. 5). I was turned away at 9:45 a.m. because they are “full up” for today. The only instructions you receive include a texting way to get in line.

There is no mention of what to do if you do not have texting. I was instructed to call a certain phone number at 7 a.m. on the day I wished to renew.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I am sure I am not the only older person who does not have texting.

I am upset at the lack of proper instructions and the wasted trip. I do have a life that does not include whole days to renew a legal requirement of the state.

There has been a lot of publicity earlier this year on this subject, but no one has mentioned this problem. I thought by now Kansas would have solved its problems with this system. It certainly is not workable, and if the state needs more people working to accommodate “customers,” then the state should do it.

Thanks for listening. I would appreciate some advice on how to let Kansas government know my feelings.

Nancy Jonas Wilson

Olathe Monarch butterflies

My daughter, a Blue Valley fifth-grade teacher, recently purchased milkweed, a host plant for Monarch butterfly caterpillars. She uses the caterpillars in the classroom to teach the process of metamorphosis, conservation, and respect for nature.

The sales clerk at the garden center assured her that the plants had not been chemically treated. She bought two large plants and placed 11 healthy Monarch caterpillars on the plants one morning.

Within 30 minutes all had died. She called the garden center and spoke with a manager, who explained that the milkweed had recently been sprayed for aphids.

Milkweed is not generally purchased as an ornamental plant. The majority of people who purchase milkweed, the only plant the Monarch caterpillar can eat, are purchasing it to encourage Monarch butterflies to frequent their yard, lay their eggs and help to re-establish a population much diminished by habitat loss, drought and pesticide use.

Please educate nurseries, which should know better, that if they have to spray, to place butterfly host plants in a place far removed from the pesticide. The result of this plant purchase was absolutely heartbreaking and unnecessary.

Micky Louis

Overland Park Lawmakers’ vacations

I listen with ammusment when Republicans and conservative pundits criticize the president for taking a vacation. I did some checking and since taking office President Barack Obama has taken 92 vacation days.

I also went back and checked, and for the exact same time period, President George W. Bush had taken 367 days. They point to how much this president's vacations cost the taxpayers, but not a word about how much President George Bush spent flying back and forth to his ranch all of those times.

Now, members of Congress really don't have much room to talk about time off as they are only scheduled 126 days for the entire year. That's a whopping 239 days off in one year.

The new rule when Republicans took control of the House was, two weeks work, one week off. Votes are sceduled only in the afternoon and take place Tuesday through Thursday to make it easier to leave town on Friday for the weekend.

When they come back in September after five weeks off they have a total of 39 working days scheduled through the end of the year to get everything done. How much does that cost taxpayers?

Karen Lane

Overland Park KSHB, weather

Has anyone noticed that KSHB-TV, Channel 41 has taken to “window forecasting”? A typical forecast will say something like “we are forecasting between 0.10-inch and 5-plus inches of rain between Wednesday through Sunday (across the 50 counties that we cover).” How can you miss with that forecast?

KSHB lost its “most accurate” designation this year to KCTV-5. In reading the KSHB weather blog, Gary Lezak was very frustrated about losing the designation.

He also spoke about “we will get them and win next year.” Of course the fact that KSHB lost the designation has not stopped anyone there from claiming the station is “the most accurate.” When questioned about this, the response will be “we mean over the last nine years so it is true we are the most accurate.”

I understand and accept that journalistic integrity and credibility standards are not what they once were. I also understand that news organizations, especially when it comes to weather, engage in all types of rating stunts and promotions.

Does that have to mean that KSHB will lower itself to the level of making “window forecasts” to regain a non-accredited designation from a company that you have to pay to be rated?

Whatever happened to forecasting with talent and integrity?

Kyle Black

Overland Park


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