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08/13/2013 4:07 PM

08/13/2013 4:07 PM

Goofballs, guns

So, Prairie Village Councilman David Belz defines “goofball” as someone with common sense. The 913 editorial of July 24, “Repeal gun law that’s costly for county residents” apparently thinks none of us has common sense.

How exactly is allowing licensed conceal carry firearm carriers into public buildings costly for county residents? What changes when that’s allowed? I realize these are common sense questions that leftists cannot answer in a common sense manner, but a sane attempt would be nice.

As Roeland Park is apparently learning, removing signs from a door does not make people less safe. In contrast, evidence declares the worst firearm crimes are perpetrated where everyone except the perpetrators are not armed.

Can negative things happen with a firearm? Certainly, just as negative things happen with many objects for many reasons.

There needn’t be additional costs to county residents because all that needs to occur is either removal of all signs or their replacement with “no unlicensed firearms allowed.” That may not calm people’s fears, but it should for reasons expressed in this hypothetical common sense example.

Currently every day in every building there are people carrying firearms regardless of “no gun” signage on the doors. They fall into three groups.

1) Law enforcement officers who are on or off duty, uniformed, plain clothes or retired legally carry regardless of signs.

2) Lawfully licensed concealed carry holders who know a sign will not protect anyone and who will not use a weapon for illegal purposes.

3) Criminals who ignore “no gun” signs as they do other laws and will use a weapon for illegal purposes. The question then is what positive affect does having “no gun” signs on uncontrolled entrances to buildings have? The answer is none.

But if our common sense has been dumbed down to where we believe a sign on a door can keep us safe then maybe we are “goofballs.”

Dennis Batliner

Overland Park Republican cuts

Just for once I would like to hear Republicans come up with something other than cutting entitlements to solve our fiscal problems. They have refused to bring up any legislation that will actually create jobs so maybe they could start there.

Oh, that's right, voting to repeal Obamacare 40 times is more important. Once again, the Republican talking heads are suggesting that they will work to end the sequestration cuts if we cut entitlement programs.

Their solution, cut Social Security, Medicare and food stamps. Here are a few facts about food stamps: the bulk of food stamp recipients are households with children and the majority are white children.

Also, the disabled and senior citizens make up a large portion. A majority of food stamp recipients work full- or part-time, and many are on the program for six months or less.

Yes, Republicans, cut more money from those people who are barely getting by. Raise the retirement age, and make those seniors go back to work.

You can't have them depending on handouts from the government. Get rid of the lower amount they pay for prescriptions through Obamacare and make them pay their fair share.

Is this what Republicans are demanding?

Karen Lane

Overland Park Advice to granddad

I welcome the new royal grandson, the son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, born in London. I especially congratulate Prince Charles on becoming a new grandfather.

Perhaps it is time to offer a few tips to Prince Charles to help him be a good grandfather. I have seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren, so the advice is not without merit. He should:

1. Love his grandson — always.

2. Be proud of him.

3. Encourage him in all of his activities.

4. Join him in his activities whenever possible.

5. Have a listening ear.

6. If his grandson wants advice, give it. Otherwise, withhold it.

7. Take time to spend one-on-one time with him.

8. Do fun things with him.

His grandson will be age-qualified to live at Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park, where I reside, in the year 2075. Prince Charles should teach him to swim, so the boy will be able to participate in Tallgrass Creek Aquatics Center activities in his retirement.

Eva Angell

Overland Park Better parenting

I challenge you to prove me wrong, that there is not a direct and causal link between the home, its environment and parenting regarding today’s front page issues of criminality such as drugs, murder, rape, robbery and abuse, decline of values, morals and principles, self-serving interest, greed, debt, instant gratification, entitlement and enabling. Many adults have not been taught nor had good role models on effective parenting.

Consequently they pass on flawed traits learned and witnessed. Bad parenting begets bad parenting, creating the resultant social fallout in our society today.

Coupled with an educational system degenerating because of political correctness running amok as politicians, liberals and theorists continue to influence young minds with the consent and willingness of parents who are busy pursuing their own interest or trying to survive in today’s economy. Effective parenting begins at home with love, teaching and modeling and cannot be assigned, delegated or handed off if socially responsible, self-reliant young men and women are the goals.

Stupidity, ignorance and self-serving interest know no educational, gender political, racial or territorial boundaries. If we fail to stand up; cast aside political correctness by refusing to deal with environmental factors leading to bad parenting, then hidden agendas will continue to rule.

Charley Green

Overland Park


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