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July 9, 2013

Letters to the editor: A Joco KCI?

I saw a suggestion in the paper that it might be a good idea to relocate Kansas City International Airport to Johnson County, instead of renovating it where it is.
Johnson County KCI

I saw a suggestion in the paper that it might be a good idea to relocate Kansas City International Airport to Johnson County, instead of renovating it where it is.

After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing, I sat down to write this little reminder. Johnson County is the NIMBY, or not in my back yard, capital of the entire world.

We couldn’t even get a barbecue restaurant or colorful playground equipment installed here because of the protesters. How in the world do you hope to convince anyone to put a giant airport within our borders?

I will nominate anyone for president of the world if that person can do that kind of negotiating.

Annette Bright

Overland Park Preserving a dream

The two actors filled the Unicorn stage with their presence and the message. Tears were streamihg down my face, and I was not even aware of it as I sat mesmerized by the powerful play “Mountaintop,” which ended its successful Kansas City run last month.

It is, of course, the tale of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s last hours on earth. The Lorraine Motel is perfectly reproduced.

The power and pain of the struggle for civil rights are dramatically presented. I came away thinking that we don’t need the Voting Rights Act, recently and so shamefully stripped of its strength by the Supreme Court.

We have our Constitution and the courage of right-thinking Americans who know that the vote is our most powerful weapon to preserve the common good and will make every effort to see that the judiciary again affirms this right for every citizen. Color, gender, place of residence, picture ID or the lack thereof — none of these should countermand the privilege given to each of us by our most powerful document, and fought for with blood, anguish and determination by blacks and whites alike during the l960s.

I have high hopes for us even in the midst of my disappointment that such a basic American right should ever be threatened. But all of us — whites and people of color — should be prepared to join together and to once demand it if need be.

We must never forget Dr. King and the others who literally martyred themselves to secure what all of us should be able to take for granted as part of the American dream.

Janelle Lazzo

Roeland Park GOP rules states

In states where Republicans control all branches of the government, they are simply putting forward their will, not the will of the people. In their regular session, Texas was unable to pass one of the most restrictive anti-abortion bills around.

Gov. Rick Perry then called a special session to pass it. When that failed because of the long filbuster and citizens of that state speaking out and running out the clock, Gov. Perry called for another special session to pass it.

Passage was assured because the Senate changed its own rules, limiting debate, not allowing for a filbuster, and calling for a vote immediately at the end of the time limit they set. Yep, Gov. Perry, if you can’t win on the merit of the bill, just change the rules.

In Ohio, Republicans added draconian anti-abortion measures into their budget at the last minute, did not allow for debate on any and Gov. John Kaisch signed it into law. This is not how democracy was intended to work.

Sadly, this is how things work now. The will of the people no longer matters to these elected officials.

Only they decide what is right.

Karen Lane

Overland Park Immigrants, Kansas

The federal government provides many legal immigrants with TPS, or Temporary Permanent Status, renewable if appropriate. The Temporary Permanent Status card reads United States of America Employment Authorization Card.

Temporary Permanent Status status includes permission for driver’s licenses renewable after 18 months. Kansas 2011 law requires legal immigrants seeking licenses to wait 30 days for department of motor vehicle investigations. This law causes individuals entitled to driver’s licenses to be without means to travel for work.

After phone calls to state offices, then rerouted to fax machines, I was finally told by a department of motor vehicle officer that Temporary Permanent Status holders were illegal until proven legal, referring to the word “temporary” in the full term known as Temporary Permanent Status. This status and terminology needs to be immediately corrected.

Currently the state’s choice of “temporary” over “permanent” is an incorrect reading, according to the Federal Immigration Office. Kansas’ interpretation of Temporary Permanent Status status contravenes federal law.

I write in hope that the state and the department of motor vehicle will immediately correct this error. Otherwise many legal individuals will be without drivers licenses.

Judith Richards

Leawood Texas hypocrisy

Recently, the Texas Legislature debated one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the nation. Texas Gov. Rick Perry opposes abortion because he believes in “life.”

While the lawmakers debated abortion, Texas executed its 500th prisoner, the most executions in the country. This is a prime example of hypocrisy at its worst.

Jane Toliver


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