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June 18, 2013

Letters — terms limits, the NSA and bad manners

The worst development to ever affect American democracy is term limits. Becoming fashionable after President Franklin Roosevelt was elected four times, term limits have ended the benefit of experienced representation.
End term limits

The worst development to ever affect American democracy is term limits. Becoming fashionable after President Franklin Roosevelt was elected four times, term limits have ended the benefit of experienced representation.

Mostly limited to state legislatures and local offices, term limits guarantee that these important jobs are only staffed with novices. Experienced leaders are forced out, leaving us all with ignorant representation.

It is nothing but lazy democracy. They are put into place so that citizens can ignore their continuing responsibility to oversee their elected officials.

With term limits, the halls of capitols everywhere are always populated with people who have no idea what they’re doing. By the time they learn their term is all over.

Effective representation takes time and experience to present the best solutions to issues. High quality leaders are shortchanged and cheated of the time necessary to craft great progress.

We already had good term limits in place since our country’s founding. They’re called elections.

Reggie Marselus

Lenexa Tolerance needed

I am embarrassed by the comments expressed concerning 11-year-old Sebastien De La Cruz’s singing of the national anthem in the NBA finals (6-14, B3, “Young singer shakes off racism”). The young boy was doing his best to honor his country.

Unfortunately because of his heritage and the fact that he wore a mariachi costume he was the object of scorn. The fact that he was born in San Antonio either wasn’t widely known or ignored.

The family of the 11-year-old should have taken into consideration the effect of having their son perform the national anthem in a traditional costume from another country. When performing a country’s national anthem care should be taken to respect that country’s dress.

If a little consideration and tolerance were shown on both sides, these issues would not seem so important.

William Gray

Overland Park Big Brother pinch

“Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,” begins the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Deep internal abuses are possible when our government can mine data as to our bank records, our medical records, our contacts with privileged providers, such as attorneys, counselors, confessors and lovers with giant computers that sieve through our emails, faxes and cellphone calls,.

This is what an authoritarian government looks like. Do we not have a government of limited powers?

I blame Congress for allowing this descent to occur. We must raise holy hell if we are to remain free of such rogue actions.

Fire them, if necessary. We must restrict the National Security Agency to act only abroad, concerning communications originating from abroad.

Is there is no presumption of innocence? Has our government broken faith with us?

Or, that star-spangled banner will not wave o’er the land of the free and home of the brave.

Henry Stoever

Overland Park

Trust government?

According to Gen. Mike Hayden, once the head of the CIA and NSA, that inspite of massive private information they have collected and are continuing to collect on virtually all Americans, we can trust him that there has been no abuse of citizen’s privacy or their rights.

We can have complete confidence that these organizations have the same integrity and honesty as the Internal Revenue Service and White House.

Charley Morasch

Leawood Unbelievable ‘news’

You just gotta love what you read in the newspaper, and then shake your head and wonder. Remembering Ripley’s headline “Believe it or not” were in two articles. One was on June 5 in 913, headlined, “County nears agreement on habitat for snakes.”

It explained that Johnson County plans to spend a maximum of $85,000 to improve habitat of two types of endangered snakes. But that is less than the original estimate of upward to $1.4 million dollars. (And then to think there are humans without housing). Oh, have they found those snakes yet?

Second, is that Starbucks may not get the go-ahead to build near 75th Street and Switzer Road because council members felt the unusual design was “too unattractive (6-5, “Starbucks’ ‘green’ proposal encounters yellow caution flag.” As if it would detract from the present aesthetics of deserted buildings, payday loans and tattoo parlors.

Barbara Smith

Shawnee End political antics

After reading The Kansas City Star’s 913 section on June 5 and may other articles about our most recent disastrous legislative session, it appears that Democrats and moderate Republicans need to stand together and take our state back.

This past legislative session was exceptionally shortsighted with severe cuts to higher education, ignoring the best plan for the disabled, stupid comments from legislators, actually raising taxes by not rolling back the sales tax and much much more.

It is time to bring sanity back to the state of Kansas.

Patricia Turner

Overland Park Overlooking poverty

Brownback, can you look beyond

The statesmen of the hour?

Do you ever turn around,

See beyond those folks in power?

Do you ever hear the crying need?

Or do you really care?

Your tax cuts do the rich folks feed,

But look what else is there.

Our schools, the safety of our poor

Don’t seem to reach your desk.

As long as those of wealth get more

None else can pass the test.

Dear sir, we’ve no one else to blame

You’ve blindly closed the book.

Your budget really is a shame,

And we’ve nowhere else to look.

Ruth Biggs


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