Letters to the editor — Obama’s IRS under fire

05/28/2013 10:27 AM

05/28/2013 10:28 AM

Give to Americans

Once again the boys in Washington, D.C., are completely out of touch with what is needed by the people of this country. Cutting the budget for food stamps for those in need is just another example of closing the gate after the horse has run off.

It would make a lot more sense to make sure that those receiving food stamps, free medical care and welfare are citizens. It is my understanding that a very large number of those getting these services are not even citizens.

Why not see that those who belong here get a helping hand, and stop bleeding the system by giving benefits to those who don’t?

Tom Spath

Lenexa Mainstream Coalition

I am writing as the president of Mainstream Coalition, a network of more than 2,000 individuals founded 20 years ago as the counter voice to the extremist agenda being promoted by the religious “right.” Our founding principle was separation of church and state with an emphasis on a strong public education system. We have furthered that mission via education and advocacy and our PAC’s voter guide.

Recently, a local political consulting firm that works with some of our most extremist candidates received a national award for its campaign materials. This firm helped beat many Kansas moderates in the 2012 election by falsely tying them to Obamacare in order to scare voters.

It’s also the same group that sent an attack mailer and made phone calls last month under our name. The group’s intent is never to educate voters, rather their goal is manipulate them.

We welcome rigorous and spirited debate. We understand the importance of education and of aggressively getting out your message.

We do not support efforts to blatantly confuse the public. We will continue to fight for good government and rational candidates and to behave in ways that raise the bar in campaigns, not lower it.

Dennis Sweeny

Overland Park Furor over Obama

Unfortunately President Barack Obama’s outrage and administrative bloodletting will do little to appease his conservative critics who have launched yet another contrived controversy (5-16, A1, “‘Angry’ Obama fires IRS boss”).

It’s not that all the contributors to these various groups wouldn’t give pause to granting tax-exempt status but at the same time those with more money shouldn’t be granted more speech.

Jesse Hall

Lenexa Redo 2nd Amendment

The gun kooks write that they want semi-automatics with 30-round clips to defend themselves against “tyranny.” Who do they have in mind will commit this tyranny?

Notice, they also never tell us, after two centuries of progress, what this tipping point to tyranny will look like. Is it within their Second Amendment rights for each alone to decide, on his own, when to take up his Bushmaster and hit the streets to fight off tyranny?

A danger to our unity has been created by the Supreme Court, which allows each individual to arm himself and fantasize about being Rambo. White-supremacist groups have grown exponentially in number since the Democrats formed a voting majority in this country.

The opening phrase of the Second Amendment stating, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary,” had real meaning when written. ( Note the mid-sentence capital M. It was often used to create emphasis in the 18th century).

The M-word spoke of that which provided each community with its sole protective force. For decades before our revolution an organized militia, with a commander, was a community’s only protection against Indian raids, pirates, the French and Indian War, and roving bands.

With too many children killed and misapplication of the Supreme Court ruling ballooning, the time is ripe for litigation to be commenced to overturn that erroneous ruling.

Lloyd Hellman

Leawood Romney’s IRS woes

It was reported that former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney recently said the Internal Revenue Service was a nightmare for him. He has money offshore, most likely to avoid taxes.

I hope the IRS was a nightmare for him. Our laws need to be changed to prevent the wealthy from moving money offshore.

This is a disgusting procedure and is un-American!

Richard Huff

Overland Park Obama’s IRS scandal

The Internal Revenue Service scandal is significant for very important reasons. It shows abuse against honest citizens for political reasons.

It shows contempt for the law and fairness by people, including the president, who are entrusted with great powers. It is no less damning than the political attacks on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. by the FBI in the 1960s.

The president, or those operating on his behalf, successfully intimidated and eliminated opposition, and with it, the free and constitutionally protected right of the people to legally petition and protest their government. The next few months and years of this investigation will determine whether the rule of law, as we use to say during the Nixon era, is bigger than any one person.

If it is, then senior people in this government could be going to jail. If it is not, and the media and American people leave it to be swept under the rug, as it has done in recent years, and then the Constitution and all of our protected freedoms will be swept away with it.

Charley Morasch

Leawood Keep Rex Hudler

I’ve seen people calling to get rid of Rex Hudler, an announcer for the Kansas City Royals. The first time I heard him, I thought who is this guy?

But as time went by I realized, hey, he’s not an ex Royal, but he’s funny and entertaining, which is his job. His broadcasting from an ex-players point of view and his self-deprecating sense of humor make the games more fun to watch.

So give the guy a break.

Mike Crosbie



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