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April 16, 2013

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor in 913 published April 16
Liquor monopoly

I recently returned from one of my regular trips that takes me from Olathe to just past the Missouri state line. No, it was not to work or to visit friends but to purchase liquor from a retailer of my choice — not one mandated by the out-of-touch government of Kansas.

The issue isn’t price because surely — in gas and time — I’m spending way more than I would walking about a mile from my home to the state-approved store. But I don’t mind because it’s about the greater principle of having the freedom to purchase what I want where I want.

How many others feel and do the same? I don’t know but I don’t think I’m alone.

Much has been written — much of it disparaging — about the Kansas Legislature’s current session. I would add the Kansas House Commerce Committee’s decision not to take any action on overhauling the state’s monopolistic liquor-distribution laws to the list of its many missteps.

Richard Vincent

Olathe Mixed TV message

I am troubled about the negative message the current commercial that Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes appears in, regarding the Kansas Learning Quest fund. In the commercial the young person is doing well academically, yet the importance of the message focuses on the fact that he is not doing well in sports, therefore his parents need to start saving for his college education, as it is obvious he will never qualify for an athletic scholarship.

What’s the message point to the viewing audience? In Kansas if young people want to get ahead they had better have a plan “B” if they aren’t successful in athletics.

Maureen O’Brien Salz

Overland Park Repair fountains

I read with great interest the article on the “new and modernized” airport that the city wants to build (4-5, A1, “New KCI closer to takeoff”). I have had friends and family from all over the United States and Scotland, and everyone has commented on how easy it is to get around Kansas City International Airport.

I have noticed the picture of the new airport at KCI in the paper, and I think it looks like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Has anybody notice the long terminal you have to walk to get to your gates? Has anybody thought of how hard it will be for someone using canes, walkers and wheelchairs?

Oh, I know the airlines tell you they will have someone there to help you to your connecting flights. My experience is they are not there, and by the time they come, your connecting flight is already gone.

My opinion is rather than spending $1.2 billion for this airport, why not use some money to repair the city’s fountains. This is how the city is recognized and well-known around the world

I would like to see a secure fund account allocating so much money a month so that the future repair needs of our fountains will be met.

Patti Sourk

Shawnee Good gun owners

“There are no accidental discharges on this range,” the Marine boot camp gunnery sergeant announced. By that he meant total safety rules must be followed, and every bullet must go down-range or you will wind up in the brig.

If the National Rifle Association were worth a darn, which I doubt except for lobbying, it should require every member to pass and pledge to adhere to a gun safety course, every year. Then it would be worth something.

Maybe that would help keep 3-year-olds from coming upon loaded guns lying around the house with a bullet already in the firing chamber. Maybe the NRA would not only advertise gun safes and gun locks for home use but make them a badge of membership.

Maybe the NRA would become proudly known for teaching safe gun handling instead of just being apologists after the next mass murders by gun. I contend nothing would put more fear in a house intruder than that “chuck-chuck” sound made by the first round being loaded in the chamber.

Lloyd Hellman

Leawood Efficient Olathe

I want to thank the city of Olathe for its quick and efficient snow removal during the wintery weather. We were always able to get around the main streets quickly, and it wasn’t long before road crews in Olathe cleared out side streets.

They were up and down our newer, northwest subdivision at all hours of the night. On Sunday, March 24, we were coming back to Olathe from Fort Worth, Texas, after the storm that dumped eight to 10 inches in the area.

I was worried we would have to stop 100 miles from home to wait for the roads to be cleared. But we had no trouble, and the highways and roads were totally dry until we were two blocks from our home. The whole Johnson County Public Works Department should be proud.

Nancy Borisov

Olathe Kudos for service

I am disabled and drive a specialized van. On April 4 my van broke down and Stanley Little from Little’s Mobile Mechanic came to my rescue.

He showed up, assessed the problem, ran to the parts store, came back to install the part and had me back on the road in less than an hour. The service he provided to me was invaluable.

I could have called roadside assistance, but all they would have done is tow my car to a mechanic. But how would roadside assistance transport me in my wheelchair?

The best thing about the service I received is it was less than $75. As a disabled driver unable to exit my vehicle, this service was invaluable.

Gary Carson

Prairie Village

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