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August 19, 2014

Letters to the editor: Women for Brownback, voting in Kansas, Herbert on media

Brownback, governor

It is my pleasure to be a member of the “Women for Brownback Coalition,” supporting Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s run for a second term. I have had the pleasure of knowing Gov. Brownback since he served as our U.S. senator.

Throughout the course of many years, I’ve observed a tireless and dedicated public servant, a man of utmost integrity, an individual who continually strives to do the right thing for the betterment of those he represents. When Gov. Brownback first was elected governor, he recognized that a declining population in Kansas required an urgent call to action.

He set in motion a number of objectives that he designed to ultimately provide greater long-term prosperity for our state. The Brownback administration has lowered taxes and added jobs with increased average pay, all of which has helped to drop our unemployment rate.

While the final analysis is still yet to be determined, it took a great deal of courage to put forth this plan and have it adopted amid tremendous media scrutiny and partisan objection. Another area where Gov. Brownback has shown tremendous leadership in our Greater Kansas City region has been with his efforts to work with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on the “border war” issue.

This is a complex issue and remains a work in progress. Gov. Brownback has appointed a task force of local elected officials and chamber executives to strategize on the best resolution for all involved, ensuring continued growth not just for our state but for the larger region.

One of Gov. Brownback’s greatest strengths is his willingness to meet with his constituents and listen to their areas of concern. He truly cares about people and is not afraid to demonstrate his compassion.

It is also encouraging that he surrounds himself with talented and dedicated professionals that share his extraordinary work ethic. With a keen eye on success for all Kansans, he provides a passionate vision that should reap a bright future for each of us.

I hope you will join me in supporting Gov. Sam Brownback for a second term as our governor.

Peggy J. Dunn



Kansas’ voting block

For 44 years I have voted in Johnson County. This year with my name on the book, I tried to vote but had no proof of identification except a Visa credit card on my person.

I did not have proof of citizenship or a photo identification card. I was not allowed to vote.

Sen. Pat Roberts, one less vote won't make a difference. Years ago, folks did not want black people to vote.

Today, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach does not want brown people to vote. Kansas needs to repeal that dumb, unnecessary law.

Ascension Hernandez


Herbert column

With no substantive evidence, Danedri Herbert in her Aug. 6 column, “Davis has the press in his pocket,” failed to support her editorial claim that the press unfairly favors Paul Davis over Gov. Sam Brownback.

She tried to make her point with this cherry-picked half-truth: Kansas added 15,000 private sector jobs in 2013. However, she failed to mention that the state also lost 16,000 jobs last year for a total net loss, and Kansas has fewer jobs today than the same time last year.

Later Herbert used the slight increase of $1.6 million in July revenues over the expected estimate as proof that Brownback’s tax policy is improving the economy, while completely ignoring the drastic revenue budget shortfall of $338 million in the three months prior to July. Herbert highlighted the blip over the downward reality of the trend.

If we accept her reasoning, anyone reporting negative news on the governor’s policies is guilty of bias. So what does she think of the governor’s own Council of Economic Advisers’ April report? In the report, the advisers acknowledged that Kansas lagged regional states and the nation in six major economic measures in 2013: private sector employment growth, per capita personal income, state gross domestic product, population growth, private business growth, and private industry wages.

The journalists she reprehensibly disparages, Tim Carpenter and Peter Hancock, could teach her much about fact-based reporting and journalistic integrity.

Rep. Nancy Lusk

Overland Park

Roeland Park vote

Tom Fox's excellent article, “Small Roeland Park has made a big statement,” in the Aug. 6 edition of 913 included several points that needed to be emphasized. Despite the vocal judgment of opponents to Roeland Park's newly passed non-discrimination ordinance that it violated Catholic Church teaching, nothing could be further from the truth.

This was not about same-sex marriage. This was about the constitutional protections afforded every American for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” In the same way, passing the ordinance did not interfere with a Catholic's religious liberty, unless the Church were to teach that discrimination against ones neighbor is a basic right, which of course it does not.

The two major commandments given by Jesus, in fact, are not “thou shalt nots” at all, but rather, positive directives: “Love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and thy neighbor as thyself.” And that means every neighbor.

Witness the story of the Good Samaritan. So as a Catholic who was horrified to hear some of the negative comments, based on pre-vote opinions I believed to have been mistaken, I thank Tom for presenting the truth with clarity.

Janelle Lazzo

Roeland Park

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