Letters to the editor: food for a small planet, digital photos, a shoutout to CareSpot

08/05/2014 3:12 PM

08/05/2014 3:12 PM

Saving Kansas water

On the shrinking Ogallala Aquifer in western Kansas, what a predicament. How do we have our meat and make our water last (7-23, A8, “An ever-shrinking aquifer”)?

It’s a fact that the present rate of water use in western Kansas is unsustainable. This fact makes another thing unsustainable not only in Kansas but the world — meat production for the growing population.

It is only the profit motive that drives an industry that uses more than 70 percent of our grain crops, more than 70 percent of antibiotics and an unsustainable amount of water to grow a cow for a food source. Last year Kaiser-Permanente, the largest managed health care corporation announced physicians should consider recommending a plant-based diet to all their patients, while encouraging whole plant-based foods discouraging meat, dairy products and eggs.

Mike Mair


Wonderful difference

Roeland Park had a chance to take a giant step for fairness. It didn’t take it.

The votes just weren’t there. Four of the seven City Council members present decided that gay, lesbian and transgender persons, as well as anyone with gender perception issues, and veterans of military service, already had all the protections under the law they needed, despite the testimony of many individuals to the contrary.

It hurt me especially to hear people testify that their own religious freedom to discriminate would be violated if these protections were put into place. There is a discord in that in my mind, although I am certain that those who feel that way are sure that righteousness is on their side.

All that can be done in Roeland Park and other cities that do not provide such protections for anyone considered “other” is for all of us to make an effort to see each other as God sees us, wonderfully differentiated creatures who should be held accountable for what we do, never simply for who we are.

Janelle Lazzo

Roeland Park


I’m starting to wonder whether Rush Limbaugh didn’t confuse the DARE mantra of, “just say no” (to drugs) with his mandated political strategy of “just say no” to anything President Barack Obama recommends even when what the president pursues is good for the American people.

Seriously, how does anyone (unless his mind is addled) think it is good for Americans to die or suffer for lack of health care, or good to keep falling for the “shell game” of taxation where more and more taxes are put on the backs of the people and removed from the creatures of statute (corporations), or deregulate known fraudsters and polluters, or convince the GOP base they are failures because they don’t earn enough, therefore they should oppose a minimum wage increase, or the best way to eradicate abortion is to withhold all means of birth control, or to arm and train foreign fighters who end up using it to harm our troops, us and our allies?

Michele Elliott

Overland Park

Lost photo treasures

My story, or little comment, is something that came to me one recent weekend. While relatives were visiting a request came to the forefront if I had some old photos in my possession from my parents.

Both parents passed years ago. We enjoyed going through the boxes and albums for many hours.

To my point: We now take photos with cellphones and digital cameras. We all post these photo on media tools and on the devises we carry.

In the past, my generation sometimes wouldn’t get around to developing photos for years. What a treat to get them developed to see what we took photos of years ago.

Not all of these “treats” made it to an album and get tossed into a box. My closing is as we continue to enjoy all of our new photo devises, but our “boxes” in the future continue to diminish.

I know there are many clouds that we can upload our photos to, but there is nothing more obtainable than a box that has no passwords for the future generations of our families.

Dan “DJ” Forster


Kudos for CareSpot

On a recent Sunday I tripped on the stairs and cut my arm open.

The following morning I went to the CareSpot at 9507 Antioch Road in Overland Park for treatment. The clinic accepted my Medicare and TriCare insurance cards.

The staff cleaned the cut, applied three dissoluble strips (in lieu of stitches), gave me an antibiotic injection, called a prescription to CVS and dismissed me with a supply of bandages for the next three days. By Wednesday morning I received a phone call from the clinic, inquiring how I was feeling.

I appreciate the fast, friendly and efficient treatment — one block from our home. Don’t be hesitant about using the CareSpot.

It’s great service that will spare you the need to visit an emergency room.

Leon Peine

Overland Park

Cheering Rex Hudler

Count me as a Rex Hudler fan. His enthusiasm, storytelling and overall love and knowledge of the game add a lot to my enjoyment of the Kansas City Royals broadcasts.

His incorporation of old and new baseball lingo, and did I mention enthusiasm, is also a plus. As far as the occasional grammatical miscues go, I have nothing but fond memories of Dizzy Dean (and Pee Wee of course) on the “Game of the Week” broadcasts of the late 1950s.

Hang in there, Hud, you seem like a good guy.

Tom Sundahl


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