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April 29, 2014

First-grader decorates and sells fairy houses to help kids at women’s shelter

Proceeds are used to fill 50 bags of goodies. “ I just wanted to do something to make them feel welcome,” says Samantha Cowick.

Seven-year-old Samantha Cowick has been a busy young lady these days, using her artistic talents to create fairy houses.

The energetic first-grader at Rosehill Elementary School in Lenexa has decorated the wooden houses with flowers, scraps of fabric and paper, stickers and other accessories. She sells them to family and friends using a Facebook page to promote them.

The houses range in prices from $5 to $30 — all for a good cause.

“I thought I could make these fairy houses and sell them for a profit and give it to kids who need it,” Sam said.

Unsure who to give the profits to, Sam turned to her mom, Summer Cowick, for help. Cowick, a personal trainer who worked at 68 Inside Sports, suggested her daughter talk with one of the fitness facility’s owners, former Kansas City Chiefs guard Will Shields. Known for his charitable work helping women and children, Shields gave Sam some advice.

“Big Will mentioned Safehome to me and what they do there, and I felt bad that the kids’ dads would be mean to them,” Sam said. “I didn’t think it was fair. … I feel sad for them. I just wanted to do something to make them feel welcome.”

Taking Shields’ advice to heart, Sam told her mom she wanted to use the proceeds from her fairy house sales to create welcome bags for the children who come to Safehome. Summer Cowick contacted Safehome staff to get some ideas of what the children might enjoy receiving. Then it was off to fill the bags with goodies.

“She hates shopping,” Cowick said.

“But I liked shopping for them,” Sam chimed in.

So what went into the 50 welcome bags Sam and her mom put together?

“I thought of what I would like if I was at Safehome,” Sam said.

The mother-daughter team filled the 50 bags with a variety of items, including stuffed animals, activity books, coloring books, necklaces and other jewelry, and edible treats. They dropped the bags off for the children last week, and Sam got to meet four of them.

“I felt really good … and it made me smile,” said Sam of her brief visit with the kids.

“We are so impressed with Samantha,” said Janee’ Hanzlick, Safehome executive director. “What a wonderful idea and generous gift. … She is truly an amazing young woman with a great heart.”

Summer Cowick couldn’t be more proud of her daughter’s efforts.

“I’m really blessed that she’s my daughter,” Cowick said. “I don’t know many 7-year-old kids who think of other kids instead of themselves.”

In the meantime, Sam continues to make fairy houses and sell them to whomever wants to buy one. They can be viewed at She plans to use the proceeds to help more children in the area.

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