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01/06/2014 11:12 PM

01/06/2014 11:12 PM

Obama resolution

A 2014 New Year’s resolution for President Barack Obama “Is to be Honest with the American People.” In 2013 there was much talk from Obama saying, if you like you’re insurance/doctor you can keep them under Obamacare.

For three years Obama and his administration knew this was false but that didn’t stop him from saying it is true. Obama also made exceptions to this law, without any legal basis based on his own opinion and facts.

Sen. Claire McCaskill wrote that it is OK for Obama to make these changes because he “only tweaked the law.” It appears that the rule of law is now the rule of rulers?

If the voters like this form of honest government, they can continue their way of voting. But if the voters want any honest government that follows the Constitution, they must work hard to find an honest candidate, and then vote for her or him.

Carl Antrim

Independence Obamacare pluses

Here are the things I like about Obamacare: Insurance companies cannot deny care for pre-existing conditions.

The Affordable Care Act eliminated lifetime cap on insurance benefits Children can stay on parents’ insurance until they are 26 years old.

Obamacare closes the doughnut hole for seniors. It makes everybody provide insurance for themselves so emergency room visits do not cost us all.

Insurance companies can’t cancel because people are sick. The Affordable Care Act keeps people from going bankrupt because of lack of insurance.

Its emphasis is on preventive care to bring costs down. What is not to like about these provisions?

Diana Basler

Lee's Summit Dog of Wall Street

After sitting through “The Wolf of Wall Street” and after reading Jon Niccum’s review, my conclusion is he needs to be drug tested. The film was a complete waste of my money and the planet’s oxygen.

Terry W. Myers

Kansas City ‘Duck Dynasty’

Just when you didn't think a lower life form than Fred Phelps could be found, enter Phil Robertson, the self-proclaimed Bible thumping anti-gay, racist and misogynist. At first, it appeared that he was just exercising his freedom of speech in the GQ Interview.

That I could support, even though I found his comments to be reprehensible. Then, more of his racist and anti-gay rants began to surface.

The final straw was the video of him advocating that young men should marry underaged teenagers. I guess you just have to get those young girls in line before they have a thought of their own and get them pregnant right away.

That way you can manipulate them all their lives. I cannot help but wonder whether his underaged bride was pregnant when they married.

Wouldn't that be statutory rape? I guess that is OK in Bible-thumping country. I am appalled that A came down on the side of profits instead of reminding this lame duck clan leader that freedom of speech comes with responsibility.

They should have pulled the plug on the show. His views are not those of most Americans.

Jeanine Wilson



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