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12/05/2013 1:51 PM

12/05/2013 1:52 PM

Cooperating parties

With all of the dysfunction brought on by the wide rift between the Democrats and Republicans, maybe it would be better to have more parties that better represent the wishes of their constituents. For example, we could have a Green Party, a Liberal Party, a Moderate Party, a Labor Party, a Democratic Party, a Republican Party, a Libertarian Party and a Tea Party.

If this were the case, then no party would have a majority, and all parties would have to compromise to get things done. No longer would one party hold the other hostage with a filibuster, and no longer would one party refuse to negotiate and demand total surrender of the other.

All parties would be forced to cooperate to get things accomplished.

Andy Fisher

Pleasant Hill Obama implosion

For decades the Republicans have been on the defense trying to defend themselves against the liberal propaganda that they only care about the rich and have no regard for the poor, minorities or women. They have been accused of being racists and a party wishing to deny Americans’ individual rights.

Now they are being accused of not wanting poor people to have health care. They are now falling into the Obamacare trap.

Because millions are losing their existing health insurance plans, the Republicans think they must rescue Obamacare by introducing a bill to somehow reinstate those health plans in an attempt to show these Americans that the Republicans sympathize and care about them. This way Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can pay no mind and introduce legislation of his own.

In the words of Reid, “Why would we want to do that?” My advice is to do nothing.

Let this law that is devastating to the middle class implode on its own and allow the Democrats and Obama to own it. Want liberalism to die?

Don't touch it.

Scot Ewing

Blue Springs Victims of rape

In light of the recent controversial stories in the news that involved the rape of an intoxicated teenage girl, I have been horrified by some of the claims that she was in some way “asking for it” purely because of her blood-alcohol.

As a teenage girl myself, I’m familiar with the concept that alcohol can lead to dangerous situations. However, this girl’s poor alcohol-related decision-making in no way justifies the fact that an underage girl was sexually exploited by older boys.

In order to prevent similar situations from continuing to happen, we must stop blaming the victim.

Sara-Jessica Dilks

Kansas City

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