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10/15/2013 2:51 PM

10/15/2013 9:27 PM

Waldo memories

What a great story, and what a great place for Waldo has been for growing up (10-9, 816, “A community with plenty of personality”). The Broadway Methodist Church sponsored not one but two Boy Scout troops, as well as the city’s first Cub Pack, No. 1.

Saturday matinees at the Waldo Theater with Hoot Gibson, Ken Maynard and other cowboy movie stars only cost a dime if you belonged to the Mickey Mouse Club.

Mickey Mouse himself led us in singing the club song, which began: “I’m the guy they call little Mickey Mouse, got a sweetie down in the chicken house….”

So many fond memories!

Ed Matheny

Kansas City GOP confusion

It would appear, the Republicans did not think through the government shutdown. The Republicans, who think the government needs to curtail its spending, are now planning on paying about 800,000 federal employees for not doing their jobs.

Paying for something and not getting it does not support the idea that the government needs to cut spending. Maybe the glue that holds these thoughts together is somehow tied to the monetary support these Republicans are being threatened with losing from the Koch brothers and others.

Kathy Daly

Kansas City Mutated politics

You must give the Republicans credit for teaching the youth of this country valuable lessons. First, if you have enough money and power you can buy legislation that will benefit you personally despite what is good for this country.

Remember kids, it’s all about personal greed and power. You can redistrict states to ensure that certain political parties will win elections and ensure their re-election even after causing chaos.

All of which seems to be supported by the highest court in the land, whose purpose should be to protect the people of this country. Second, the Republicans have shown our children that laws passed in a democratic society, where majority rules, are a joke.

If you don’t like a law, you use blackmail and intimidation to get rid of it using the people as hostages. Third, you have shown them that when making poor decisions always make sure you have a scapegoat.

This government of the people, by the people and for the people has lost its way. People have become irrelevant.

We are pawns in a game between two rival gangs. My next vote will be to get rid of all of you.

Karen Bonner

Kansas City America topped out

Did the United States peak when the Americans walked on the moon? In 1969 we still had manufacturing in this country, good education, health care that was affordable, and strong unions.

The unions kept the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans in check because union workers wanted their share of the profits. Health care is the biggest scam in history.

We have the most expensive health care on the planet, yet we are 17th in the world in healthy people. We promote democracy all over the world but can't run our own country.

We never look at other countries’ programs that work. We have lobbyists, and rich people run our government.

Tax breaks are rampant in every big company. Large corporations are sitting on $2 trillion in cash.

We kill people more with guns than any other civilized country in the world. When we move out of the Middle East there will be more killing than before we started, with our supplied weapons.

Our government doesn't need professional politicians, that seldom go home after they serve their term. Do we think they would ever vote for term limits?

It's time we, the people, take our government back.

Joseph T. Purcell

Kansas City


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