We keep talking about guns, but when will we do something?

09/24/2013 12:00 AM

09/26/2013 5:30 PM

There are too many guns in this country.

Or maybe to put it another way, there are too many people in this country who think you can never have enough guns.

And frankly, I’m sick of all the paranoid, cowardly excuses they give for why they need them.

The British aren’t coming anymore, and bands of crazed criminals are not going to kick in your door and carry off your womenfolk. Odds are, if someone does kick in your door, you won’t be home, and they’re going to take your guns with them when they leave.

I’ve interviewed professional burglars in prison. They know where to find them.

Virtually every day in Kansas City somebody is getting shot or shot at.

Last week, on Monday, participants in an urban crime summit were barely settling into their seats at UMKC when police were rushing to the scene of a reported shooting about four miles away. That incident followed a weekend in which Kansas City police dealt with a murder-suicide north of the river, the killing of one person and the wounding of four others in two separate incidents. Police in Independence and Kansas City, Kan., also reported weekend shooting deaths.

And yet we continue to talk about guns.

Listening to the debate that has come after the last 87 mass shootings or so and lasts about as long as it takes for the gunpowder smoke to dissipate, I am left feeling like I’m trapped in some sort of weird Twilight Zone alternative universe where up is down and common sense just took the last bus out of town.

A gun-toting maniac storms a school and slaughters a classroom full of innocent children.

What to do?

Why, of course, put more guns in schools. What could possibly go wrong?

A gun-toting maniac storms a secure military facility and slaughters innocent people.

What to do?

Why, of course, put more guns...

Oh wait, there was already plenty of armed security on hand. The killer even took a gun away from a security officer who had been shot.

Perhaps, and I know I’m going out on a limb here, but perhaps if we did something to prevent unstable sociopaths from getting their hands on weapons in the first place, so many innocent people wouldn’t be getting slaughtered.

Since I’m not a jelly-spined elected official, I’m not afraid to say that.

What I am really afraid of was the matter-of-fact way my daughters talked about the Navy Yard shooting.

Our complacence is being passed on to another generation.

And that should sicken us all.

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