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Bill Filer: The science of spending on sport, and giving science a sporting chance

Kids were running all over an indoor athletic training facility on a field divided in half by a large floor-to-ceiling net. On the left side of the net was a lacrosse league, and to the right, a baseball team. I sat and watched both practices for a while, taking inventory of the equipment being used. Based on what I was seeing, I figured that several thousand dollars were out on that field.

816 Opinion

Live on for justice, Fuzzy Thompson

My heart is saddened with the passing of Nelson LaVert “Fuzzy” Thompson. He was a giant among men not only in stature, but most especially in his humility, ethics, religious morality and his steadfast commitment to rid the world of racism.

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The teen years begin again, at age 10

An overheard phone conversation, full of shared tee-hee-hees about a boy, tell Dad that his little girl is growing up. But she’s only 10, and for the love of God, girls that age aren’t supposed to be interested in those sorts of things. Are they?

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