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August 19, 2014

Parkville attracts two new downtown retailers

Two new retailers coming to downtown Parkville. Two “World of Spirits” liquor stores one block away on 39th Street leads to lawsuit.

Two new retailers are opening in downtown Parkville — Old Time Sweets & Antiques at 7 Main St. and Dew Yah’s at 109 Main St.

Old Town Sweets & Antiques has closed in Leavenworth after 15 months. It reopened in downtown Parkville on Monday. The new shop, at 7 Main St., features old-fashioned candy, fudge, 64 flavors of taffy, flavored popcorn, preserves, pancake and bread mixes, barbecue sauces, salsas and dips, and much more.

The shop also will sell antique furniture, glassware, signs and other items, and provide estate and auction services.

“It’s always crowded in downtown Parkville and there are a lot of restaurants down there,” said Jeff Cunningham, owner.

Heather Abbott’s career was in project management. But her hobby has been backyard farming.

Now she’s taking her hobby full-time, with plans to open a new urban farming and garden center in October.

Dew Yah’s (named after her daughter’s toy hippopotamus) is taking a spot at 109 Main. It will sell such items as chicken keeping and beekeeping supplies, foraging books, organic soil and organic pest control products.

A clash of two Worlds of Spirits

A 39th Street mainstay, World of Spirits, has reopened in Mia’s Plaza after a short break.

Just one hitch: 39th Street Bevco LLC says that World of Spirits doesn’t have the rights to use the name on 39th Street.

39th Street Bevco has filed a lawsuit against Mia Jamison, founder of the namesake center, and M & L & J Inc. 39th Street Bevco said it purchased the rights to the “World of Spirits” name in September 2009, as well as the assets of the retail liquor store at 1722 W. 39th St., from Franklin Sachs LLC.

It also registered the name with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office in December 2009 and registered it as a trademark on May 28, 2014.

39th Street Bevco operated the liquor store under the World of Spirits name until it relocated the store to its new 39th Street Market at 1850 W. 39th St., just a block away at State Line Road. It has continued to use the name in advertising. It also has a Facebook page — World of Spirits 39th Street Market — and considers the liquor department of the market to be a World of Spirits store-within-a-store.

39th Street Market opened in September 2013. Bevco said M & L & J Inc. filed for registration of the name “World of Spirits 39th” on Sept. 11, 2013, and then filed for a liquor license to operate a liquor store called World of Spirits 39th at the 1722 W. 39th St. address.

Jamison opened her store — World of Spirits 39th — in late May or early June, but still under the old World of Spirits sign over the front door.

Bevco demanded that Jamison and M & L & J cease operating under the name.

“By operating a retail liquor store under the name ‘World of Spirits’.... defendants Jamison and MLJ engaged in conduct likely to deceive or mislead prospective customers into believing that Bevco was operating the ‘World of Spirits’ liquor store,” 39th Street Bevco says in the lawsuit.

It wants a temporary restraining order prohibiting Jamison and MLJ from using the name World of Spirits, as well as damages, attorney’s fees and other relief.

Officials with 39th Street Bevco declined to comment due to the pending litigation.

Jamison said 39th Street Bevco should have taken the World of Spirits sign with them to the new location if they didn’t want her to use it. She also has a suit pending against 39th Street Bevco, filed on July 31, 2013 for back rent and possession of the space.

The city directory shows a World of Spirits in the 1700 block of West 39th St. as far back as 1973.

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