Send us your festive pet photos

816 is challenging its readers to send photos of their furry, scaly or feathered friends. We’re looking for pet-themed holiday photos or cards. Any animal, bird or reptile can be the subject of the photos. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, iguana, snake, cow, beetle, horse or clownfish, we want a holiday-themed picture featuring your pet.


Kansas City Maker Faire makes its mark with inventors, fans

The Kansas City Maker Faire — a collection of inventors, innovations and ideas — returns for the fifth year this weekend to Union Station. It’s the Midwest STEM-centric Coachella, a sort of science fair on steroids with exhibits featuring sophisticated robots and 3-D printers, all locally made by tinkerers driven more often by a sense of “what if” and a little “why not.”

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Two veteran politicians go at it for 4th District at-large seat

The 4th District at-large race has been one of the most closely watched this campaign season. It features two very experienced Kansas City politicians: incumbent Jim Glover, who has served numerous terms on the City Council, and Katheryn Shields, a former City Councilwoman who also served as Jackson County executive.