Stay calm: Iconic Worlds of Fun water tower will gets its retain iconic colors after repainting

04/11/2014 10:45 AM

04/16/2014 7:42 AM

A Northland landmark visible across Kansas City is undergoing repairs and a facelift.

Workers were covering the iconic colors of the water tower by Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, North, as part of that work, but officials say the colorful theme will return once the $1.3 million project is done.

“The reason we are repainting it now is because the protective coating on the outside is at its lifespan,” said Jennifer Kincaid, a spokeswoman for Kansas City Water Services.

“Repainting it will help deter corrosion and protect the water tank.”

The tower, which was built in 1955, got its first Worlds of Fun paint job when the amusement park opened in 1973.

Repairs to the inside of the tank began in October 2012. Painters started priming the tank in October.

Worlds of Fun will pay $50,000 of the cost to retain the colors and theme.

“Because we are sharing some of the up-costs with Worlds of Fun, it makes sense because it is something that Kansas Citians know, drive by and love,” Kincaid said. “It is something that makes our city unique. It is part of our landscape.”

The project should be done by the end of June.


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