In woodland trek, Northland students make a massive discovery

10/15/2013 12:54 PM

10/15/2013 4:24 PM

Students often find things in the woods behind Lakeview Middle School, so Terry Beasley was unfazed when her students urgently called out that they had found a giant mushroom.

“Don’t eat it!” Beasley yelled back to the three seventh graders.

It wasn’t until the kids came trudging up the hill on Friday that she realized it really was a



“Holy smokes, that dude is huge!” Beasley exclaimed when she saw 12-year-olds Grace Dielman of Parkville and Ryan Summa and Leneil Johnson of Kansas City, North, with their load.

Huge indeed. It’s larger than a basketball. And most definitely larger than the kids’ heads.

Beasley laughed as they approached. She had envisioned a toadstool, not this monstrosity.

“Oh my gosh, no body is going to believe us. We have to take a picture,” Beasley told Grace, Ryan and Leneil.

The discovery came as the students were practicing their orienteering skills.

“The students are learning how to travel courses looking for hidden markers using topographical maps, compasses and pace counting,” said Beasley, who teaches students in the Park Hill School District’s Bridges program for academically gifted students.

They were in the woods behind the school at 6720 N.W. 64th St. in Kansas City, North, when they came across the fungus.